The Truth About Conor McGregor

Not Just Hype

Dana White Says “Conor McGregor could headline a card in Ireland”

In the press conference after UFC Fight night on Fox1, Dana White’s post fight press conference continually came back to SBG Athlete Conor McGregor.  The internet surrounding MMA had blown up around Conor McGregor even though it was only his second fight in the UFC.  Bloggers and keyboard warriors around the world where accusing Conor of being nothing more then “Hype”.  As you can tell from internet boards and forums he clearly inspired a split fan base lots of love and hate.

Dana White’s Post Fight Conference

Despite how much the word Hype was attached to Conor’s name he delivered.  Even after injuring his knee mid fight he continued to dominate against his opponent.  He kept Max Halloway at bay and stayed in control for all three rounds, winning Conor the fight by clear decision.

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But Even Before The Fight UFC Veterans Knew That McGregor Is Something Special

Everyone at the Portland MMA Gym SBG already knew that Conor is legit, but SBG students weren’t the only ones. Portland MMA fighter Cheal Sonnen talked about Conor in an interview before the fight (Video Here).  The UFC Headline fighter had this to say about Conor “I don’t know him, I’ve never met him, I’ve never seen him fight, and I’m a big fan. Everywhere I go I hear about Conor McGregor”.

Conor himself put’s it best though “You’re never there. I’m just going to keep going. Success is never final. “

You can expect to see a lot more from this fighter, and you can expect him to get continuously better as time goes on.  He is and will remain a massive force to be reckoned with.  You can also expect a flurry of bloggers and forum lurkers to continue posting about how Conor is all hype and how he will soon be knocked out.  Despite having just dominated an opponent known as one of the top strikers in his weight class.

Conor’s Post Fight Interview

Despite winning he was disappointed in his fight, simply because he didn’t “finish” his opponent.

This interview exemplifies the character qualities that everyone at SBG Portland Salutes Conor for.  Conor the class and respect that you show towards your opponents is unparallelled.  The pressure and demand that you place on yourself is amazing.  You are a true sportsman and you where a champion both before and after the fight.

There is no one better to represent SBGi, as Chael who has never met or seen Conor before said “He really seems like an honest genuine person and there’s no reason to change that” .

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Conor truly is Authentic and everyone world wide who loves or hates Conor will be watching as he makes history.