Top Coaches Named For SBG Spring Camp

Top Coaches Named For SBG Spring Camp


Some of SBG’s Best BJJ & MMA Coaches To Attend Camp in Georgia

We are little more than a month away from one of SBG’s most highly anticipated annual events, the SBG Spring Camp. This year, the camp is being held at The Hardcore Gym in Athens, GA, and as the date draws closer, many big names are being added to the line-up of coaches. If the ever-growing reputation of SBG’s camps isn’t enough on its own to convince you, check out some of the names who will be coaching this year:

Travis Davison – Travis Davison is the first BJJ black belt to have trained out of SBG’s HQ in Portland, and after well over a decade with SBG, runs the SBG Montana gym and is SBG’s VP. He is one of the biggest names in the Straight Blast Gym universe and widely considered to be one of SBG’s finest teachers, having been at the forefront of developing SBG’s coaching approach for years.

Chris Conolley – Chris Conolley is one of SBG’s newest BJJ black belts. He currently runs Spartan Fitness, an MMA academy in Alabama and, along with his BJJ expertise, is an expert stand-up coach who has produced some top level athletes.

Paul Sharp – Paul Sharp’s knowledge of fighting extends well beyond his BJJ black belt. Sharp is a self-defense expert, has spent 18 years in law enforcement, and is qualified in firearms, knife and defensive tactics instruction. He has long been at the forefront of integrating MMA knowledge into real world, weapons-based scenarios.

Suzanne Ramsden – Suzanne Ramsden is a rarity for an SBG Camp – she is a BJJ black belt from outside the organization. Suzanne runs Maverick Training Center in Huntsville, AL. She is a BJJ black belt under Helio Soneca, and runs her gym with one simple mission: to help students on their own journey of positive improvement by providing a positive training environment, expert instruction, and a feeling of student camaraderie that transcends skill level, gender, or age.

Last but by no means least, the SBG Spring Camp will play host to Karl Tanswell. Karl is one of SBG’s earliest BJJ black belts, and has been working with Matt Thorton since 1999. In the last decade, he has built one of the most successful MMA gyms in the UK, producing top level talents such as Matt Inman, world champions like Martin Stapleton, and The Ultimate Fighter finalist Saul Rogers. When Karl received his black belt close to ten years ago, Matt Thornton said: “He can teach the entire Art of BJJ; gi, no-gi, MMA, and the self-defense applications. He has helped coach multiple world champions, and the UK SBG athletes consistently dominate in both submission and MMA events… there is no doubt Karl is one of the top MMA coaches in the world at the moment”. Karl’s abilities in coaching and athlete development have only advanced in the years since, and it is a truly rare and exciting opportunity to have him over in the US to impart his wealth of knowledge at the SBG Spring Camp.

If you are yet to sign up, do so now. SBG Spring Camp 2016 is being held at the Hardcore Gym in Athens, GA on April 1-3, 2016. Early registration lasts until March 10th, 2016. Go to to sign up!