Tonight the Portland Jiu Jitsu Community will be-

The Portland Jiu Jitsu Community Will Be Sleeping Tonight

Or at least trying to. Tomorrow morning bright and early is the 2013 Oregon Open. The biggest Portland Jiu Jitsu tournament. In fact it’s the biggest in Oregon. The competitors will be doing their best to get a good nights sleep with the toughest local tournament in the area starting at 9am. Last years team champions SBGi will be making quite the presence.

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Last year SBG had more students compete in the Oregon open then they have ever had before.  There was a boom in the organization and SBG made use of that vigor.  Despite only having a 3rd of the competitors, (compared to the other two top teams) SBG won first place and by over One Hundred Points! Travis Davison from SBG Montana was there and so where several visitors from other SBGi’s around the globe.  This year SBG is bringing only a fraction of the competitors but can they still make it count?

Sbgi’s Newest addition making their first appearance in Portland Jiu Jitsu

Sbg Seatle tied to Portland Jiu JitsuSBG Seattle is the newest of the SBGi’s.  Their Coaches have competed in the Oregon Open before but this will be their first time under the Flag of SBGi.  SBG Seattle is home of the newly “SBG” Purple belt Jei Omar Kennedy. He and Sonia Sillan opened West Seattle Fight & Fitness and after meeting with the heads of SBGi, Immediately Joined the organization. SBG Seattle will be fighting side by side with SBGi’s Head Quarters Sbg Portland and sister academy SBG Montana.

Everyone in the Portland Jiu Jitsu Community has been preparing for the Open-

Oregon-Open-Logo-GreenThere are only a few times a year when the Portland Jiu Jitsu community is in such a state of preparation.  The Oregon Open -students looking to see who is the best in the state, and -the IBJJF Worlds/PanAms where North West students of Jiu Jitsu Unite against the world.  Tomorrow morning we will all find our the hard way in the most honest way possible, on the mat.  It will be interesting to see how SBG fairs.
Most of the North West SBGi’s highest level competitors won’t even be showing up! This is due to a combination of things. Being over seas to train for a Pro fight like SBG Montana’s own Gus Nolte who is training at SBG Ireland for his Professional MMA debut.

Gus at SBG Ireland
Picture posted on FaceBook by Gus in SBG Ireland, only 5 hours before this article was written.

Others are not competing simply due to a lack of competition like SBG Portland’s own Amanda Loewen.  Who will be present at the Open but just got back from the IBJJF Las Vegas Open where she beat this years World Champion.  Or John Diggins, and Travis Davison, who as black belts lack any competition at all in the Oregon Open.

We can assume this will change over the years to come with the sports increasing popularity.  However for now SBG’s North West Presence will ride mainly on it’s newer athletes who will competing in the more populated brackets.

Everyone from SBGi will be rooting for the Athletes in our Portland Jiu Jitsu Team and we will be making updates to our Facebook as the day progress’. Stay posted for our full update on our News Blog (Right Here).  You can expect plenty of pictures with SBG athletes on the podiums and the coaches collecting hands full of gold.  For tonight however Portland Jiu Jitsu will be getting some much needed rest.