Tom King Talks SBG Swords

Tom King Talks SBG Swords


SBG Ireland Black Belt Tom King Talks About Owning A Gym

SBG Ireland and John Kavanagh’s first ever BJJ white-to-black belt, Tom King, has written a fascinating article about his experience opening up the new SBG Swords gym. Tom King opened up the facility alongside long-time team mate Chris Fields earlier this year, and after an opening week that saw hundreds of perspective students tour the facility, and expert seminars for SBG’s biggest names, things have only gotten busier.

Despite the physical strain of daily training and coaching, paired with the less glamorous chores and paperwork, Tom King says that owning a gym is unequivocally living the dream. Alongside winning multiple IBJJF medals, and coaching alongside SBG Ireland’s head coach John Kavanagh, Tom King has added new memorable moments to his career in the few months SBG Swords has been open. They include helping brand new students embrace martial arts, healthy living and losing weight, and the excitement of seeing the family mentality building at SBG Swords. As King puts it:

“What we are building here is hard to describe. It’s not like a regular gym where people go in and do their own thing. Yes, people pay for a membership in our place, but everyone who comes through our doors is part of the team and comes into a team environment.

“That’s not just our gym, that’s the SBG approach. There’s a huge support network between us and the other gyms. If they ever need help in any way, we’ll give them a dig out because I know they would do the same for us.”

It is great to read about more success, and more lives being changed for the better, thanks to the work of SBG’s dedicated athletes and coaches. Be sure to read Tom’s article for a full picture of his experience with SBG Swords so far, and check them out at