How to talk to friends about SBG

boxing gym portland

Walking into a world renowned school like SBG can be intimidating at first.

Those of us who have been training for years in combat sports, and functional Martial Arts and self defense delivery systems like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and MMA forget sometimes that the first vist to a school can be a bit scary for some people. Thanks to the insanity of some of the other “gyms” out there who go under the label of MMA, the public’s already poor perception of combat sports, and simple first time shyness, that first time through the door can be tough.

Of course once people visit our gym they realize it is truly for every-body. As we say, we have a jerk-free gym. As a tip, it helps when you are trying to get your friends to come in and work out with you to explain that this isn’t the TapOut t-shirt, sideways baseball cap kind of place.

Portland SBG student Gwenan Marshall does a great job of talking about her early experiences at SBG in this video: