Straight Blast Gym’s Conor McGregor Wins At UFC 178!

Straight Blast Gym’s Conor McGregor Wins At UFC 178!

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Fulfils His Guarantee; KO in the First Round

Perhaps the months of showmanship displayed by Conor McGregor leading up to UFC 178 made people forget his dominant display against Diego Brandao back in July, or perhaps folk marked that result down as an anomaly because he was in his hometown of Dublin, but despite an unbeaten run of 11-0, apparently Conor McGregor still had something to prove on Saturday night. Whatever the reason for the doubters, McGregor made short work of proving his critics wrong once again. McGregor took on #5 ranked Dustin Poirier in his first contest in Las Vegas, on the biggest card of his career, and took it in stride like a seasoned veteran. Amongst the hundreds of quotable sound-bites, McGregor was never shy of giving his honest opinion of his opponent, nor hesitant to predict the outcome. As with his fight against Brandao, McGregor stated matter-of-factly “It’ll be a first round KO, mark my words”. He fulfilled his promise to fight fans in due course, and with over three minutes left to play with, finishing Poirier in 1 minute 46 seconds. He also predicted putting Poirier’s nose on the other side of his face, but with post-fight spotlights so firmly on McGregor, nobody could confirm the whereabouts of Poirier’s nose.


Conor McGregor’s in-ring display matched his performance outside the cage; unconventional, explosive and always controversial. He opened proceedings with a hook kick, and could be seen happily taunting Poirier with his hands by his sides between punching combinations and spinning back kicks. After just a minute and a half, Poirier attempted to duck from a McGregor attack, but McGregor’s left hand came over the top of him, clipping Poirier behind the ear, and sending the #5 ranked featherweight the way of many before him, slumping to the canvas. McGregor followed up with ground strikes to put the contest beyond doubt.

Straight Blast GymWhat’s Next for Conor McGregor

The win puts Conor McGregor firmly in the position he has been predicting for years, with a legitimate claim to a title shot. What’s next is up to the UFC brass to decide. One thing is for sure, the combination of unconventional, charismatic displays both in and out of the Octagon mean we will be seeing McGregor for a long time to come. UFC President Dana White went on record post-fight as saying McGregor is a bigger draw than some of the biggest names in UFC history, including Brock Lesnar and GSP. 10% of the event’s tickets were snapped up by hungry Irish fight fans eager to support their countryman in battle, and along with them, knock-outs and Performance of the Night bonuses will ensure SBG’s McGregor has a strong US following. Whether his title shot comes now, or in a fight or twos time, McGregor’s ability can no longer be put into question. In the meantime, McGregor is just enjoying the ride:

“I love proving people wrong and proving my supporters right. This is all fun and games to me. I love it. I love my job. I whoop people for truckloads of cash. How could I hate this life? I love it so much. I’m grateful every single day.”

“The division seems to be full of rookies and has-beens. I’m just sitting here enjoying myself, collecting these checks on my way, eliminating each one.” – Conor McGregor

Congratulations to Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh, and the whole team at Straight Blast Gym Ireland for their hard work and success!