More Success for Straight Blast Gym at Revolution XXVI

Straight Blast Gym Win More Trophies at Revolution XXVI

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Straight Blast Gym Finish Third Overall; Win Youth Division

Saturday 15th November saw the Revolution XXVI BJJ tournament take place in Tacoma, WA. As is so often the case, Straight Blast Gym’s NW contingent sent an overwhelming team of competitors to the event. A challenge sent out by SBG Montana head coach Travis Davison to all the SBG gym’s in the North West region, to see who could bring the most athletes to the event, resulted in a tribe over 70 strong entering the competition. Entrants from Straight Blast Gym showed up across the whole spectrum of age groups and divisions. An excellent collection of performances resulted in Straight Blast Gym securing first in the Adult No Gi team, and third in the overall team competition, just sixteen points shy of first place. The Overall Team third place follows on from a third place trophy brought home from October’s Seattle Open, and a first place Overall trophy from September’s Oregon Open.

04Straight Blast Gym Youngsters Win Overall

Showing the adults how it is done, Straight Blast Gym’s younger tribe members secured first in the Youth division. SBG’s youth team have been putting together an impressive run of late, adding this first place to a first place at the recent Oregon Open, and strong individual efforts at recent NAGA tournaments. It is testament to the great work done by SBG’s coaches, building a welcoming community that encourages youngsters to take up the sport across the North West.

04 Great Individual SBGi Performances

Individually, there were a number of stand-out performances. Straight Blast Gym North’s head coach Hamilton Ash picked up another pair of gold medals, the fourth time in as many competitions. Another to pick up double gold was Casey Winder, of SBG Portland, in his very first BJJ competition! Straight Blast Gym’s adults picked up seven golds overall (Hamilton Ash x2, Casey Winder x2, Ethan Wakeley, Ryan Robinson, Dakota Tackett), as well as seven silvers (Mark Fisher, Nathan Vander Ven, Zachary Moore, Jim Constantine, Josh Schreiner x2, Denis Das) and four bronze (Timothy Edman x2, Nathan Vander Ven, Andrew Rosas). In the Youth division, Lorenzo Herrera of SBG Seattle, and Joe Davison of SBG Montana, both landed themselves two gold medals, as the youth team brought home a total of ten to their respective SBG camps (Lorenzo Herrera x2, Joe Davison x2, Gannon Wisher, Kaylene Saechao, Grady Robinson, Ireigh Zander, Kaden Thornsberry, Ricky Davison). Adding to the medal haul, the youngsters also won fifteen silver medals (Nicolas Ruiz-Gromadzki, Dylan Lindberg x2, Ireigh Zander, Gavin Higley, Max Townsend, Aidan Kelley, Ava Thornsberry, Spencer Chilton, Ricky Davison, Jonathan Ruiz-Gromadzki, Samiya Dumas, Jasaun Dumas, Stella Davison) and nine bronze (Kalijah Wieczorek, Damien Kato, Weston Robinson, Lakota Wieczorek, Stella Davison, Brock Moloney, Max Townsdin, Nicolas Ruiz-Gromadzki, Kaylene Saechao).
Congratulations to all who competed, regardless of whether or not you won a medal. Straight Blast Gym is proud of each and every one of you! For full results, check out the link below: events/the-revolution-xxvi- november-2014/