Spring Camp 2014 is coming soon in beautiful Niagara Falls!

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Spring Camp 2014 is coming soon in beautiful Niagara Falls!

Spring Camp 2014, April 11-13th

We have some exciting news for you!

SBG is planning yet another amazing event. If you missed last years Spring Camp you’re probably still kicking yourself.
These events happen rarely, and the information and talent all gathered in one place is something you have to experience to believe.
To read about last years Spring Camp click here, and scroll down to the pictorial review:


We also have a facebook page for camp 2014 updates, located here-



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So far the schedule coaches include:

John Kavanagh!

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Famed black belt & MMA coach of rising UFC stars Conor McGregor & Gunni Nelson; what John teaches is always pure gold.






Priit Mihkelson!


judo portlandOne of SBG’s top BJJ coaches, known as the Jits Vulcan, Priit has promised to bring some new material that he promises will have an instant affect on everyones game. To quote Priit:

Well with the grilled chicken I will give everyBODY instantly the only guard they ever going to need and I am serious about that …the ONE guard that rules them all…this is magic when you see this.

Controlling top position with the functional minimalism …the idea that gives people the biggest freedom to discover how THEY are suppose to play top. And, Escaping from bottom using the functional minimalism …the idea that gives people the biggest freedom to discover how THEY are suppose to escape.”





Adam & Rory Singer!

brazilian jiu jitsu portlandOriginal SBG Instructors, and coaches to MMA legends like Forrest Griffen; these guys always bring a lot of great material.

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Steve Whittier!

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Steve is a master technician as it relates to both BJJ and Muay Thai. His sections always capture the attention of everyone present.








Travis Davison!

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On the mat once more, showing off some hot rod Jiu-Jitsu for the the next generation of SBG world champions.








And of course, Matt Thornton!

self defense classed for kidsMatt’s mission statement as it related to his teaching in 2013 was as follows:


“I am on a mission to create JIU-JITSU SCIENTISTS. People who discover not just assorted FACTS (functional techniques), but THEORY, universal principles that explain how and why those facts WORK. In that vein, the SIMPLEST theory will always be the most ELEGANT. The most elegant theory will always give rise to the most EFFICIENT techniques. And, efficient techniques are by definition, intelligent. BEAUTIFUL (perfect) Jiu-Jitsu, simple, efficient, intelligent, that’s how we advance the Art forward; and that is what SBG is all about.” –Matt Thornton






His 2014 mission statement?

It will announced at this camp!

self defense for kids


This is JUST the beginning!

There will be a lot more coaches confirming attendance in the coming months, as well as some surprise guests!

You DO NOT want to miss this camp!

Register NOW. Space is limited, and we will cut off registration when the facility is full.

There will be no entry at the door, everyone MUST pre-register.SIGN UP NOW – HERE: