Spring Camp Sells Out!

Spring Camp Sells Out

SBGi camp

The SBGi Spring Camp Fills Up By March 1!

In a year that saw SBGi break all sorts of its own records, the 2014 Fall Camp was itself a record-breaker – record attendance, a record number of black belts in attendance and not to mention the awarding of not one or two but three black belts in one of the most epic Iron Man events in SBGi history. Not to be outdone by its autumnal cousin, the 2015 Spring Camp has started where the Fall Camp left off last year, setting records a full month before the doors of the camp even open. For the first time ever, the SBGi Spring Camp has been completely sold out before March 1st! Don’t say you weren’t warned – the highly publicized list of black belt coaches planning to attend read like a who’s who of SBGi history makers. John Frankl, a BJJ pioneer and the first BJJ black belt to arrive in South Korea, SBGi Portland Coach and innovator of Posture, Pressure, Possibilities, Cane Prevost (www.caneprevost.com), UFC veteran and MMA coaches Rory and Adam Singer, inventor of the Grilled Chicken, Priit Mihkelson & SBGi East Coast Head Coach Stephen Whittier to name but a few.

An Unprecendented SBGi Training Opportunity

But SBGi training camps are about more than just a glorious list of SBGi BJJ legends. Training camps have long been an amazing opportunity for team building and idea sharing among the wider Straight Blast community. As an international organization with academies from Portland to Ireland to Korea and almost everywhere in between, SBGi training camps are a rare chance to meet with members from across the globe and experience a depth of training and experimentation that might just be impossible to find in any other BJJ academy on earth! With SBGi’s meticulous approach to testing all BJJ against movement, timing and resistance, in the form of Aliveness, there is no greater opportunity to do so that against new faces and new styles from far-flung lands.

Camp Back at SBGi’sHQ

After the success of the 2014 Fall Camp, the decision was made to host the Spring Camp in the SBGi HQ in Portland, OR for an unprecedented second time in a row. SBGi training camps have historically been the location for major SBGi events, including belt promotions (see the triple black belt Iron Man last fall, for example!). It will no doubt be an incredible event, with an unprecedented level of collective experience in one gym, that the SBGi Portland HQ is excited to host!