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Sign Up for SBG Fall Camp Today!

SBG Fall Camp

SBG’s Fall Camp comes to Portland this October!

The long, hot summer is sadly coming to a close. The days are cooling off, and stepping outside the SBG gym in Portland after training once again means stepping out into near darkness. Clear, blue skies will soon be replaced by the all-to-familiar clouds of the Pacific North West. But despair not, for these clouds bring with them a silver lining. The end of summer can only mean one thing, the impending arrival of the SBG Fall Camp!

Straight Blast Gym training camps have been a long standing tradition, with the first camp being held nearly twenty years ago in McMinnville, Oregon. Like SBG as a whole, it has grown from the humble beginnings of a few inquisitive students eager to learn, experiment and share knowledge in the pursuit of Aliveness, to an event with global reach, with tribe members the world over uniting to work towards a common goal.

SBG Fall Camp comes home October 17th

Having taken place in locations across the US, and indeed the world, this fall, SBG Camp comes home. The Fall Camp will take place and the SBGi headquarters in Portland, Oregon on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October. SBG has long been a pioneer in BJJ and martial arts. From the birth of Straight Blast Gym, and head coach Matt Thornton’s philosophy of Aliveness, training that incorporations key elements of movement, timing and resistance, SBG has been unlike any other martial arts gym. Its rigid focus on testing and experimentation to understand what truly works is something that is at the core of every class. The SBGi camp, therefore, is a coming together of world class instructors and students who have all been striving towards this goal. Attending an SBG Camp means not only world class training, but being part of an exchange of ideas in a global project.

SBG training camps have historically also been the stage for some major moments in SBG history. Camps are often the chosen location for the belt promotions of SBG’s most accomplished BJJ students, with many brown and black belts being awarded at camps as part of an SBG Iron Man. SBG camps are a focal point for the year, a chance to meet a group of amazing, like-minded people, and train intensively in one of the best learning environments there is.

As if the prospect of camp weren’t enough, exciting announcements about this fall keep coming. This October, SBG camp students will be fortunate enough to have the chance to learn from Rory Singer, a former UFC fighter, exceptional Muay-Thai practitioner and BJJ Black Belt who needs little introduction. On top of this, announced just last week, none other than BJJ pioneer Chris Haueter has been added to the list of coaches! Chris Haueter is a true BJJ pioneer. He was one of the original ‘Dirty Dozen’, one of the first twelve Americans to earn a black belt in BJJ, and the coach to SBG‘s founder and head coach, Matt Thornton. Chris awarded Matt with his purple, brown and black belts, and as such, was instrumental in shaping the very philosophy by which every SBG coach and student trains today!

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