SBGi Youth Lead the Way at Oregon Open

SBGi Youth Lead the Way at Oregon Open

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SBGi Wins Top Youth & Junior Team; 2nd Team Overall At Oregon Open

Last year at the Oregon Open saw Straight Blast Gym pick up Top Team titles across the board. The won the top team overall award, as well as individual adult and youth categories. This year, SBGi wasn’t quite as dominant, missing out on the overall top team, but SBGi’s youngsters led the way once again, securing the Top Youth & Junior Team Award at the Oregon Open for the second year running. SBGi did pick up second overall, and the adults also came away with second in Adult No-Gi Team, and third in Adult Gi.

The results are further evidence, as if any were needed, of the first rate, leading-the-way and ever-improving SBGi youth program, Growing Gorillas. That program, started out in Montana under the watchful eye of Travis Davison, has expanded to all corners of the SBGi tribe, and it showed, with youngsters from Montana, Seattle and Portland all picking up multiple medals. Much like last year it was the SBG Montana gyms that made themselves most known and not just at youth level, travelling en masse in two SBGi buses emblazoned with the trademark gorilla logo, and picking up medals from the 6-7 year olds category all the way up to brown belt.

SBGi Portland At the Oregon Open

Solid performances were seen by the SBGi Portland team, in some cases during the athlete’s first time competing. Mario Shonkwiler took gold in his Intermediate No-Gi division in his first BJJ competition, following a bronze medal in Gi that morning. David Lautaret also picked up gold in Gi, and Todd Ransford bronze, in their first competitions. Taylor Marrow won gold at blue belt Gi, just a week and a half after having been awarded his blue belt. He followed that achievement up with a bronze at Intermediate No-Gi.

David Walker and Timothy Edman both competed at elite level in No-Gi and both won silver in their respective weight classes. They also both won bronze in their purple belt divisions! Mark Fisher won gold in his Advanced No-Gi division, after securing silver in brown belt Gi. Nell Ward won gold at Intermediate No-Gi after a bronze at blue belt Gi – the same division that teammate Destiny Abbott took home silver. Zach Thornton took home double silver medals in blue belt Gi and Advanced No-Gi, Brian Heenan took bronze in his first Advanced No-Gi tournament, and Justin Abbott took silver in blue belt Gi.

Congratulations and well done to all the SBG tribe members who competed, whether medals were won or not. It was, as always, a great experience to have team mates from Portland, Seattle and Montana come together and support each other and to watch each other succeed.
Full results can be found here.