SBGi Opens New BJJ School in Elko, NV

There’s BJJ Gold in Them Hills!

SBGi Opens New Gym in Elko, Nevada’s Gold-Mining Capital

It was once the case that you had to search far and wide to find a BJJ school. Prior to BJJ’s rapid rise in the last twenty years or so, finding a place to learn and train could’ve meant having to relocate to a whole new city. Then UFC arrived and suddenly the problem was no longer finding a place to learn BJJ, but finding the right place to learn BJJ, as schools popped up all over the country. That is still the case today, and while choosing a school can come down to a lot of different factors, one name in BJJ that is a constant mark of quality, and that has been present from day one, is Straight Blast Gym.


Straight Blast Gym – From Europe, to Asia, to small-town Nevada

While the Straight Blast Gym headquarters are based in Portland, OR, it has locations across the globe, from Iceland to Ireland, and from Seattle to South Korea. SBGi is without a doubt a truly international organization. But alongside its international reach, SBGi has a strong presence in America’s smaller towns and cities. Kalispell is home to the fast-growing and hugely successful SBG of Montana, who are not only training successful MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters as adults but also boasting a strong youth program. One that lead to a five medal haul at the recent Kids Pan-Ams in California.  Now we can put a pin in the map at Elko, NV The small gold-mining town, and the heart of North-Eastern Nevada, has become home to the latest SBGi location. Run by Chris Myers and Seth Rice, and open for just two weeks, it is already running classes on a daily basis, for differing skill levels, and for both adults and kids. Prior to its opening, the duo took a team to the Northwest Submission Challenge in Boise, ID. The 7 man team scooped 10 medals! A promising start for the new gym. While Elko, NV may currently be considered the capital of Nevada’s goldbelt, before long, it may also be considered the capital of Nevada’s BJJ belts!

Read more about the new gym in the article below from the Elko Daily: