SBGi 2015 Spring Camp This March

SBGi 2015 Spring Camp This March

Spring Camp

2015 Spring Camp Early Registration Closes February 20th!

In a year that broke all sorts of records here at Straight Blast Gym, the 2014 Fall Camp was an enormous success. Held at the SBGi Headquarters in Portland, OR, the camp saw over 70 members turn out to train, including no less than 13 SBGi black belts. Not content to rest on that success, the 2015 SBGi Spring Camp is shaping up to be even bigger and even better! The camp will take place from Friday 27th March thru to Sunday 29th March. Be there if you can!

SBGi’s Jits Vulcan, Priit Mihkelson

There are currently 15 SBG black belts scheduled to attend the 2015 Spring Camp, and the announcements keep coming in as the days go by. First, it was announced that the Jits Vulcan, Priit Mihkelson, would be in attendance. Priit is well known in the SBGi community for his relentless attempts to simplify BJJ to its core components, doing so to the point that inventions like his ‘Grilled Chicken’ guard become the stuff of legend. He is a brilliant BJJ practitioner who perfectly personifies the SBGi philosophy.

UFC Coaching Veterans, Adam & Rory Singer

After that, it was announced that Adam and Rory Singer would be coming to Portland for the camp from their base in Georgia – two brothers who have impeccable reputations in the world of MMA. Both have trained world class MMA athletes, including UFC champions such as Forrest Griffin. Rory’s professional MMA career saw him reach the UFC, winning in the finale of the Ultimate Fighter. Two MMA coaches with an amazing reputation will be in Portland come March for Spring Camp.

SBGi Legend & BJJ Pioneer, John Frankl

Last week saw SBGi legend John Frankl adding his name to the list of Spring Camp attendees. John Frankl has been a part of SBGi for over ten years, teaching jiu jitsu from his academy in South Korea since 1999, being one of the first, if not THE first, person to introduce the sport in the country. Teaching and studying at a university in Korea, Frankl brings an intelligent, scientific approach to BJJ that is constantly innovating.

Self Defense Expert, Paul Sharp

Finally, this week long time friend of SBGi Paul Sharp was added to the line up of coaches for camp. Paul Sharp is a police officer  who has graduated from multiple defense and tactical training programs as well as having competed at a professional level in MMA. Sharp met SBGi founder Matt Thornton in 1999, and since that time has specialized on skills that are applicable across multiple levels of conflict, using boxing, wrestling and BJJ to be effective in sport and self-defense.

There is only one week remaining until early registration closes for the SBGi 2015 Spring Camp (February 20th)! Reserve your place today! This is likely the last time in a long time that the camp will be held at the SBGi HQ in Portland, so make the most of this amazing opportunity. To register, or for more details, email