Kids Martial Arts

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Start your child’s year with FREE training. Give them the opportunity to reach their full physical and intellectual potential.


What sets our martial arts program for KIDS apart is that it is specifically designed for kids learning methods – It’s not a duplication of an adult class. We teach a variety of “life skills” and focus on “character building” not just the flashy punches and kicks you might see in a lot of TV commercials or movies.

10291241_10152182284857304_5901349076866354121_nYour child will have a professional coach teaching the worlds most effective martial arts. Not just “strip mall martial arts”. You wont find unprofessional staff, a disorganized curriculum, repetitive nonfunctional “techniques”.

You and your child will be able to tell the difference on day one. With a professional meet and greet. A comprehensive tour including history and coach credentials. A free uniform for your child so that they can feel like a part of the team. Last but not least a free private lesson with one of our coaches.

The private lesson is extremely important. Not only will it give you as a parent the opportunity to ask any questions you may have (without fear of interrupting a class), it also allows your child a chance to become familiar with what they can expect from class. This allows your child to go into the class worry free of a new experience so that they can just have fun and learn!

Additional benefits include:

  • Confidence due to working with resistance
  • Less violent mode of control and defense
  • The health benefits of not having to take blows to the head to work with resistance
  • The personal accountability that comes with 1v1 competition, something that team sports don’t offer
  • Physical aspects like conditioning, balance, and strength

When we say we offer the best martial arts program for your child we DO NOT want you to take our or any other academies word for it. Come in and experience it your self for free so that you can make an educated decision. After all the experiences your child has now will help shape the productive and successful person that they will become later in life.

Call Now To Set Up Your Child’s Free Lesson – 503-230-7924