SBG Tallaght Grand Opening!

SBG Tallaght Grand Opening!


SBG Opens Largest MMA Facility in Europe

SBG’s position at the forefront of Irish, and indeed European, MMA was enhanced once again this month with the grand opening of SBG Tallaght; Europe’s largest MMA facility! Announced earlier in the year, SBG Ireland opens the doors on its biggest and most ambitious project to date – a 15,000 sq ft gym with state of the art facilities, run by former UFC favorite, Paddy Holohan. More than just a few mats, the giant space houses grappling mats, a striking area, a boxing ring and a full-sized MMA octagon, along with a free weights area, hot yoga room, coffee shop/juice bar and gym shop.

Despite housing some of the best facilities in Europe, the best part of SBG Tallaght is not merely the brand new equipment, but its coaches. With the support of SBG Ireland Head Coach, John Kavanagh, SBG Tallaght will be run by Paddy Holohan, an athlete who has not only competed at the highest levels of MMA, but whose dedication and love for the sport, his teammates and home town have already won him the respect and admiration of thousands of fans. SBG Tallaght was already in the works for Paddy prior to his premature forced retirement from competition in April, but even before parting ways with the bright lights of the UFC, Holohan was already eager to give back to his hometown:

“The people here have my back and I’ve got theirs, whereas I know if I moved somewhere else there’d be a lot of snakes waiting in the grass. Especially in this sport, if you fall you need to be caught. If I fall, I know Tallaght will catch me.

“I’m happy if I can be a good example people can point to and say, it might not always start out proper, but it doesn’t have to stay that way…”

As always, SBG’s elite level coaching will be available to all skill levels, encouraging complete beginners to make martial arts a part of their lives while also training professional MMA and BJJ athletes. Like all SBG facilities, SBG Tallaght will have its own Growing Gorillas children’s program; a martial arts curriculum that not only teaches the sport but is especially crafted to encourage personal development. Kids are taught self-respect, discipline, kindness to others and dedication. All part of the ethos that SBG tries to impart on its younger members, while encouraging them to have fun.

SBG Tallaght opens this Sunday, be sure to visit for more information, and pop in to check out the facility if you are in the area!