SBG Seattle Raising Money to Improve Facility

SBG Seattle Raising Money to Improve Facility

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SBG SeattleSBG Seattle – A Friendly Place for Men, Women & Children to Train & a Valuable Community Service

I wanted to write a quick post to direct people’s attention to a worthy cause in need of support over in Seattle. The SBG Seattle team is raising money to help maintain and revamp their facility and are searching for donations. SBG is not a non-profit, so many of you may be thinking ‘why would I give money to a private enterprise?’. The fact of the matter is SBG Seattle is not just any old small business, instead, it is a valuable part of the community. Owners and coaches work tirelessly, volunteer time and operate on a shoestring budget to fulfill a passion for training, teaching and supporting others in the pursuit of martial arts and fitness. Through a whole lot of tenacity, ingenuity and big dreams, the folks at SBG Seattle have already taken an old boat-storage warehouse and turned it into a facility that is impacting hundreds of men, women and children on a daily basis. There is no doubt that what they do provides an invaluable service to the community. Not only do they train adult men and women in martial arts, but they also provide self-defense classes and seminars for women, and have a strong children’s program, ‘Growing Gorillas’, which has seen great success in regional competitions and provides kids with a healthy and fun environment in which to learn and grow.

SBG What do donations to SBG Seattle go towards?

 Donations made to SBG Seattle will go towards revamping their current facility with new mats, a new store front, and gym equipment, as well as fixing up electrical, heating and air conditioning to provide their community with a clean and healthy place to teach and learn. As if donating to this worthy cause weren’t good enough, your donations will get you some great gifts and services in return. SBG Seattle are offering a range of rewards from t-shirts and personal fitness programs, all the way up to lifetime memberships, private lessons with coaches, and free entry to seminars. Do your part today to support, and become a part of, a great service that is shaping the lives of people throughout the Seattle community. Check out their donations page below: