SBG ROCKS the Oregon Open, proving once again that they are the #1 BJJ team in the Pac NW!

This last weekend the Oregon Open (the largest BJJ tournament in the NW) was held.

Last year Team SBG, which is composed of just two academies, SBG Portland, and SBG Montana which is run by SBG Portland’s first home grown BJJ black belt Travis Davision, came within a few points of taking first place. This despite the fact that another local team threw together more than half a dozen gyms under one banner, and entered at least 40 more competitors more than SBG did. Still, by % nobody came close to our medal tally that year. But that wasn’t enough for us, which is why this year we entered the same amount of competitors as our competition did.

The result?

SBG completely dominated. Team SBG won 87 medals, for a team total of 363 points!

This year nobody even came close to SBG, with the second place team being more than 100 points behind us!

Here are the medal totals:  28 GOLDS, 26 SILVERS, 33 BRONZE, with many divisions having both gold and silver competitors that were Team SBG. 

One more unusual thing about the team’s performance. Since there isn’t enough competition for our female competitors, after taking gold in the respective divisions they entered the men’s bracket. . .and then took home some more medals!

Coach Amanda Loewen, GOLD women’s purple, SILVER MEN’S purple!

Coach Leah Taylor, GOLD women’s super heavyweight (her competitor was over 100 lbs heavier than her), and BRONZE men’s no-gi!

Other performancesCoach John Diggins: GOLD brown belt, GOLD no-gi advanced, GOLD absolute. Coach Chris Stearns: SILVER brown belt, losing via gentleman’s agreement to team mate John Diggins. Hamilton Ash: GOLD purple belt.

And on and on it goes, full listing and results can be found here:

Make no mistake, when we say SBG is the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in the Pacific Northwest, we mean it, and we prove it!