SBG once again proves why we are simply the best, but only factually speaking!

judo portland

SBG once again dominated at Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas yesterday July 7th. SBG Portland’s first BJJ black belt, Travis Davison went on to win GOLD in the advanced division (2nd year in a row now).

brazilian jiu jitsu portland

This was followed by SBG Portland coaches John Diggins and Amanda Loewen who also took home GOLDS!

Here was the total count for adults only (the kids rocked it as well). SBG scored 57 points toward team trophy with 8 competitors. Medal total 7 gold, 1 bronze with 8 competitors.brazilian judo

7 golds out of 8 competitors? Yes, that is what we kind of expect.

Stay tuned for results from todays event, gi BJJ, where we our competitors will do even better.