SBG proves once again that it is the best! #1 Team gi and no-gi at the Revolution tournament!

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SBG once again proves it has the best BJJ in the Pacific Northwest!

 This last weekend, team SBG sent competitors to the the largest BJJ tournament in the Pacific Northwest, the very well organized Revolution Tournament held in the Seattle Area.

Despite a number of our top BJJ competitors being unable to make it, and despite some of the very large Seattle based schools greatly out numbering SBG in terms of the volume of competitors BJJ entered…

Team SBG once again won FIRST PLACE for TEAMS!

#1 in both gi BJJ, and

#1 in no-gi BJJ Submission Grappling as well!

How do we do it?

It’s simple. Rather than a few star BJJ athletes, we make sure everyone on our mats grows and becomes better.

As we’ve said before, by % of medals to BJJ competitors, nobody can touch us.

This is a testament to the SBG training methods, the SBG professional coaching staff, and the focus on fundmentals that ensures our BJJ competitors remain a step ahead of their competition.

SBG is for everyone, male, female, old or young. And the fact that nearly every person who ever enters from SBG ends up on the podium, proves that point.

A few highlights:

Amanda Lowen GOLD gi BJJ and no gi

Josh Smith dominated for GOLD in gi BJJ 0 points scored against him in 3 matchs

Trent Shadduck GOLD with 0 points scored against him from all matches, he also avenged a loss winning 15-0 in first BJJ match.

Eddie Ziegler GOLD in no gi, with SBG’s Mike Mangin taking SILVER in the same division.

The list goes on and on and on…details will be posted on the SBG FaceBook page.

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Eddie in action

Here is a video of one of Eddie’s matches:

The Revolution was only the first part of our planned “NW Conquest”.

Stay tuned, we are just getting warmed up!