SBG Portland Dominant In BJJ, MMA & Submission Grappling

SBG Portland Dominant In BJJ, MMA & Submission Grappling


SBG Portland Wins In IBJJF, Amateur MMA & Submission Underground

In just a couple of weekends this month, SBG has once again shown itself to be producing athletes of the highest caliber, across all variations of BJJ and MMA. In the space of a few weeks, athletes from the SBG HQ in Portland were victorious in IBJJF tournaments, local, amateur MMA competition, and the flourishing submission grappling realm.

On the weekend of July 8, SBG Portland’s John & Amanda Diggins both competed at the IBJJF American Nationals in Las Vegas.

In No Gi competition, Amanda Diggins won gold in her weight class, submitting each of her opponents on the way to standing atop the podium in first place. She then took silver in the No Gi open class, narrowly missing out on gold having won every match by submission before dominating the final. John Diggins won gold in his No Gi weight class, and silver in No Gi open weight class, losing out narrowly in the final. In the Gi, Amanda took silver in the Open class and silver in her weight class, while John Diggins took bronze in his weight class.

The following weekend, Amanda went on to compete at the newly formed Submission Underground; an event in Portland showcasing some elite names in submission grappling. Streamed live on, Amanda caused her opponent to tap comfortably, winning via toe hold within 5 minutes. Having been placed on the undercard, her continued impressive form will surely merit a place on the main card next time out.

In the world of MMA, Eduardo Torres and Mario Shonkwiler both competed at FCFF’s Rumble @ The Roseland 88. In keeping with the current theme of early submissions, both SBG Portland athletes secured their wins by way of submission in the first round. Mario was making his MMA debut, having had his previous two attempts to compete thwarted by his opponents’ last-minute withdrawals. He made short work of his match, forcing his opponent to tap by way of a mounted guillotine. Eduardo Torres, returning for his second bout after a victorious debut earlier in the year, won by rear-naked choke. Eduardo forced his opponent to tap with only one second remaining in the first round.

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed! Every performance was incredible and we look forward to seeing you all in action again soon!