SBG Portland has two new BJJ purple belts!

portland judo

On July 25th the Portland Academy welcomed two new BJJ purple belts to its ranks. Amanda Loewen and Leah Taylor rolled with over 42 people each; in the tradition of SBG they faced their ironman and displayed some amazing technique along the way.

The cliche of “well deserved” is always redundent what it comes to SBG ranking. However, in the case of these two champions, it’s an even greater understatment. Leah Taylor is the first Oregon BJJ athlete in history to win a gold medal at the World Championships (Mundials) in BJJ! Leah is also a coach with our brand new children’s program, and she is doing a great job.

Amanda Loewen was fresh off her double gold win at Grapplers Quest, and the win at her first MMA fight the saturday night prior to her ironman. In her last year at SBG she has accumulated a shopping bag full of medals, and just as importantly, has shown herself to be a fantastic coach.