SBG Portland BJJ Competition Team Results!

From the Seattle Tournament held Saturday Nov 12th:

brazilian jiu jitsu portland

“We only brought 4 competitors from Portland this time. Kind of a smaller tournament overall, thats ok. I decided to take some time off as well. The Pan-Am tournament is where it is at. That should be our focus now. For everyone old and young!

Individual results:

Thang Le: 1st place out of 8 competitors in gi! Fantastic job. 2nd place in no gi once again out of 8 competitors. Close match. 2 medals for Thang!

Amanda Loewen: Anybody with a guess? Yes thats right, she dominated again. Up 2 weight classes to roll with the 163 blue belts: 1st match… triangle in less than a minute. 2nd match… couldn’t look… too brutal!

No points scored against her the whole time, 1st place. 1 medal for Amanda, unfortunately no one wanted to mess with her no gi!

Jeremy Brill and Dave Walker gi: Same bracket for these two, Dave had one loss to the 1st place guy then I believe 2 victories. Not sure if the bracket was done right as he didn’t get the chance for 3rd. No medal for him here but he nearly had 1st. Good Job. Jeremy won 1st match, then went on to place 4th overall I believe. No medal but a fine performance, especially after just receiving his blue belt. I believe that bracket had 9 or 10 competitors.

Jeremy Brill no gi: Gnarly match against the guy that took first. Nearly submitted him in a triangle/ arm bar in the air. Just lost on points. Then the highlight was for third. Locks the dude up in a triangle. I’m coaching, “ok, nice! Lock it in tight, work the arm across, watch the angle, pull the…” TAP TAP TAP! “Or just do that!” As he rams his fist in the throat to tighten up the choke. Third place for Jermy and a well deserved medal.

Dave Walker no gi: Dave decided to do advanced this time. The same group of guys and same weight I would have been competing with. 2 wins 1 loss. He did an awesome job and subbed a meat-head wrestler with a tight arm bar from guard for the 3rd place finish! Exciting match. There were some huge dudes in this bracket that were no doubt bigger and stronger. Large bracket too. Just displays Dave’s proper use of Jiu Jitsu to get it done! Fantastic Job Dave. 3rd place medal for him!

Oh and SBG Montana Killed it too, (duh). Too much for me to write in a day, but the highlights were Kisa Davison with a super tough game taking first, and Dakota Tackett who just turned 18 taking 1st in both blue belt gi and in no gi! Pretty sure almost everyone they brought placed. Including the small mob of kids they have.

In summary, everybody who we brought placed. Everybody we bring always does well.

If you look at our points per competitor ratio at all of the tournaments we are in you will see ours is the highest. That is probably the best measure of the quality of training at a gym.

Way to go SBG!

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