SBG Portland adds a new BJJ brown belt!

boxing portland orLong time SBG Portland coach Chris Stearns received his BJJ brown belt from SBG founder Matt Thornton, last Saturday July 14th. It’s cliche to say “well deserved“. And when it comes to SBG we also know it is redundent. Our standards have never been compromised, and Chris meets them all.

When Chris brought his gold medals into the academy, he literally brought a large shopping bag full. As a competitor he’s proven himself as one of the best purple belts on the planet. As a coach, he represents the high teaching standards demanded by the SBG organization; his consistent class size and the success and joy of his student, proves that.

As is the SBG tradition, Chris worked his way through a 40 person + ironman, demonstrating his superb technique throughout; a ritual no true SBGr would take a belt without.

Purple belts across the Northwest gasp a sigh of relief; brown belts, get ready.

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On the same trip Matt taught a succesful seminar on the topic of BJJ for self defense. The students were fortunate as Matt demonstrated some very “old school” movements and tactics that he hadn’t taught publicly in more than a decade.

And as always on this date, the SBG family celebrated the birthday of one of it’s best black belts, SBG VP Travis Davison, a coaches coach who has created a thriving community in Montana. Happy birthday Travis!