SBG North Opening Soon!

SBG North Opening Soon!

SBG North
SBG North Opens Aug 1st

The Newest Member of the Straight Blast Gym Family

The continued rise and abundant success of Straight Blast Gym has been hitting the headlines more in recent weeks than ever before. With the contingent from SBG Ireland winning all four of their fights at UFC Dublin, SBG supported fighters winning Performance of the Night awards in UFC PPV events, SBG BJJ competitors stepping onto the podium in regional as well as world championship events, and yet another SBG fighter entering TUF, it is hard not to find another member of Straight Blast Gym making the news. SBG is indeed the gym of the moment, the name of the lips of all fight fans, as it has been for those in-the-know for many years. What better time than now to be opening a new SBG facility? In the coming weeks, SBG will open the doors of its newest gym, SBG North, in Whitefish, Montana. Headed by SBG brown belt Hamilton Ash, it promises to be another star of BJJ and MMA excellence in an SBG constellation that is rapidly spanning the globe! Hamilton won gold at the Revolution BJJ tournament only this weekend. He is an amazing coach, having spent many years training in Iceland with Straight Blast Gym superstars such as Gunnar Nelson and Conor McGregor.

SBG North Hamilton Ash
SBG North’s Hamilton Ash Wins Gold!


What SBG North has to offer

Fortunately, you don’t need to be at the standard of those big names to be a part of the Straight Blast Gym family. Indeed, many of those who go on to compete at the highest level arrive at SBG with no experience whatsoever. The unique coach practices, paired with the welcoming nature of SBG means those of all fitness levels and with completely divergent end-goals can all make the most of what SBG has to offer. For fitness, self-defense, competition or for fun, SBG is open to all. The new SBG North facility will be offering classes in BJJ, MMA, yoga and fitness, including classes for women, and an award-winning children’s program. SBG North will become the second gym SBG opens up in Montana; joining the hugely successful and rapidly expanding SBG Montana based in Kalispell. SBG Montana, run by SBG black belt Travis Davisson, enjoyed success recently in the Revolution XXV competition, as well as managing a large haul of medals at the Pan Am kids championships in California in February. 


From its head-quarters in Portland, Oregon, Straight Blast Gym has made a name for itself in towns and cities the world over, as well as in the international BJJ and professional MMA communities, for its unique, innovative and constantly evolving approach to the way BJJ is taught, learnt and trained; it adds Whitefish, Montana to that list this weekend with SBG North.

Check out SBG North at their website here, at the SBG North Facebook page here, and if you find yourself in the area, be sure to check out the new gym!