SBG Mainline’s Saul Rogers Victorious At Cage Warriors

Saul Rogers Victorious At Cage Warriors

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04SBG Mainline’s Rogers Defeats Mick Sinclair over Three Rounds

Last weekend saw Straight Blast Gym Mainline’s Saul Rogers take on Mick Sinclair at Cage Warriors 74 at the Copper Box Arena in London, UK. In a contest that went all three rounds and to the judge’s score cards, it was Rogers who had his hand raised, picking up an impressive unanimous decision win. The win will put Rogers, who is already one of the most highly regarded lightweights in the UK, one step closer to a potential title shot. Extending his professional MMA record to 9-1, Saul ‘Tha Hangman’ Rogers is now gone two years without the taste of defeat. The win will seem to come as little surprise to Rogers himself, who oozed confidence prior to the contest, stating he was ‘fitter, sharper and more athletic’ than his opponent. He also hinted that despite Mick Sinclair’s added experience, it would not play a factor on the night. Rogers attributed his level of dedication and commitment to training that would be the factor that proved most crucial. The result would suggest that that was the case, sheer athleticism and fitness, driven by superior hunger, played out to its natural conclusion over the three rounds. Rogers went on record as saying he couldn’t afford not to win, given the sacrifices he has had to make to reach his current position:

“No disrespect to Mick, he’s as tough as they come and I don’t think this is going to be an easy fight by any means, I’m not looking past him at all.

But I’m sacrificing everything for this, time with my kids because I’m at the gym constantly, working and improving. I don’t think he wants it as much as me and I think that’s what it’s going to boil down to on the night.”

Saul Rogers

The victory follows on from an impressive win over five-time UFC veteran John McGuire at Cage Warriors 65 – another contest that went all three rounds but that saw Saul Rogers‘ combo of superior athleticism and sheer determination win the day against a more experienced opponent via unanimous decision. ‘Tha Hangman’ of SBG Mainline is starting to put together an impressive list of victims that even the most experienced UK lightweights would be foolish to ignore. Suffice it to say that all at Straight Blast Gym will be rooting for Saul as he continues his progress