SBG Ladies Camp Early Registration Ends Today

SBG Ladies Camp Early Registration Ends Today


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July 22nd is the start of the three day SBG Ladies Camp for 2016! The third annual camp will most definitely be the most epic one to date! Not only is the SBG Ladies Camp home to world class coaching with some of the best and most exciting BJJ and yoga coaches around, but it is also a chance to interact with truly inspiring women with the drive to succeed and improve themselves every day.

This year’s camp will feature coaching from names like:

Aisling Daly – Aisling is a true women’s MMA pioneer currently competing in the UFC and fighting professionally for close to ten years. She has a professional record of 16-6, and a UFC record of 2-1 from a career that has seen her fight for championships all over the world. Training at SBG Ireland with Head Coach John Kavanagh, Aisling Daly has an experience level in women’s MMA that is simply unparalleled.

Amanda Loewen – Oregon’s first female BJJ black belt, Amanda is an elite BJJ competitor who has multiple IBJJF black belt medals to her name. This past year she has won silver at the IBJJF European Championships and silver at the IBJJF No-Gi World Championships. She is an amazing coach and a beloved and crucial part of SBG Portland.

Kisa Davison – Kisa is the founder and Head Coach of The Yoga Room of Montana, and co-founder of SBG Montana. Kisa Davison’s yoga program is second to none – she has been teaching yoga and exploring the frontiers of movement and mind for many years. She is an open, engaging, and passionate person, which translates perfectly into her being an incredible teacher.

Leah Taylor – Leah is a BJJ black belt, training and coaching at SBG Montana. She is a former IBJJF World Champion at lower belt levels, and just this month won bronze at the IBJJF World Championships in her first tournament as a black belt. Leah’s enthusiasm and positive attitude make for a coach whose ability to engage her students is at the same high level as her technical knowledge.

Lily Pagle – Lily Pagle is the co-owner and co-founder of SBG Nor-Cal in Berkeley, CA. Lily became Matt Thornton and SBG’s first ever female BJJ black belt in 2010, which she added to her many years as a judo black belt. Lily did not begin training in Judo until she was 40, and earned her BJJ black belt at age 60, in the meantime earning a Master’s degree and opening the East Bay area’s first ever MMA gym. She has trained BJJ world champions in the role of Competition Team captain at SBG Nor-Cal. Lily is an incredible inspiration to all at SBG.

Salome Thornton – Salome is the founder of the Primate Yoga program. She has a huge amount of practical yoga knowledge following over twenty years of yoga practice. Primate Yoga’s principal concept of ‘practical practice’ attempts to apply the teaching of yoga to everyone. It aspires to give students the knowledge to use the art of yoga for their own, genuine benefit, as oppose to striving for out-of-reach ideals. As such Salome’s approach is great for all, beginners and experts alike.

If you haven’t signed up yet, do so today! Early registration closes tonight and prices will go up! Plus space is fast running out. The quality and quantity of coaching available for this weekend is truly inspiring, and unlike anything available anywhere else. Don’t miss out!