SBG Ireland To Open New Gym!

SBG Ireland To Open New Gym!

John Kavanagh Holohan

John Kavanagh & Paddy Holohan to Run Facility in Dublin

The surge in the popularity of MMA throughout Ireland over recent years has been close to meteoric. At the forefront of that surge, and in large part the instigators of it, are the team at SBG Ireland. Their quartet of UFC fighters, Aisling Daly, Cathal Pendred, Paddy Holohan and, of course, Conor McGregor, spent the vast majority of 2014 picking up major wins in the Octagon on both sides of the Atlantic, and with all eyes now on McGregor as he prepares for his title fight in June, the excitement behind Irish MMA is only likely to increase. It is a rise that has seen SBG Ireland Head Coach John Kavanagh move from training his small team in unheated gyms to overseeing more than 400 students in a state-of-the-art facility in Concorde, Dublin. But the growth of SBG Ireland isn’t stopping there. This summer, John Kavanagh and Paddy Holohan are opening a new SBG facility in Tallaght, a town in South Dublin.

04Paddy Holohan in Tallaght

It may seem like something of a distraction for Holohan, who only made his UFC debut nine months ago, but Holohan, a proud Tallaght native, speaks passionately about the local people, and chance to give back to his hometown:

“The people here have my back and I’ve got theirs, whereas I know if I moved somewhere else there’d be a lot of snakes waiting in the grass. Especially in this sport, if you fall you need to be caught. If I fall, I know Tallaght will catch me.

“I’m happy if I can be a good example people can point to and say, it might not always start out proper, but it doesn’t have to stay that way… It’s about making kids realise that and shaking the nonsense out of their heads. It’s about saying to them, you can do this, you can buy a house, you can buy your family a house, you can look after their futures… and people will remember who you are for the right reasons. You don’t have to be a little choir boy, it’s not like that… but you’ve got to make the right decisions.”

SBG Ireland Head Coach John Kavanagh knows that Holohan will be a huge success in Tallaght, with the coaching ability to match his passion for the town:

“To have a chance to do it with somebody like Paddy Holohan is really great…I know the positive impact that martial arts training can have on so many people, and I know Paddy is going to do amazing things there in Tallaght. I love watching Paddy teaching a class because he ticks all the boxes for what a great coach is.”

To have a rising UFC star and local hero running a brand new facility is not something many towns can boast. There can be little doubt that, as SBG Ireland continues to expand, John Kavanagh, Paddy Holohan and their team will be a huge positive for the local area. All the best to the team at SBG Ireland in their new venture!

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