SBG founder Matt Thornton interviewed on The Evolution Of BJJ & Improving Training Methods


Coach Matt was interviewed by BJJEE on the state of BJJ, and its evolution.

Here is a portion of the interview:

Q: How is SBG different from a regular BJJ academy?

A: Our epistemology has always been very different. More often than not Jiu Jitsu is still taught using some very antiquated traditional martial arts methods. Usually an instructor will show a class a few techniques, give everyone a little time to practice them with each other, than everyone rolls. And usually, the rolling consists of everyone busting out their A games. Not only is this a terrible method of teaching, it also ends up being counterproductive for the development of Jiu Jitsu for the average person. Given enough numbers you will always get one or two star competitors who can make it work. But that isn’t a testament to the Academy they come from. If you want to measure how well an academy teaches you need to see how everyone on average does from the school, not just the stars, but everyone, young to old. If everyone is growing, if everyone is good, then so are the methods and the coaches. If not, and it’s just a few star players, they’ve got issues as it relates to understanding how to coach and teach properly. At SBG we pride ourselves on the whole mat, not just a few athletes. Teaching is for us, a science. And like all things in science, we use self-correcting mechanisms to constantly improve our coaching and methods.

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