SBG Fall Camp Two Weeks Away

SBG Fall Camp Two Weeks Away

SBG Fall Camp

SBG Fall Camp in Seattle In Just Two Weeks

We are now just two weeks away from the SBG annual fall camp, being held in Seattle, WA. It is not too late to sign up, with positions still available for the last camp being held on the west coast for the foreseeable future. SBG’s biannual camps are an incredible opportunity to learn and share with the wider tribe, and invariably result in some of the biggest names in the SBG family imparting priceless knowledge on those present. Recent SBG Camps have seen upwards of fifteen BJJ black belts on the mat at any one time. As such, the camps are home to literally hundreds of years of collective BJJ experiences. When those black belts include the likes of SBG founder Matt Thorton, and even his coach Chris Haueter, it is knowledge that has been earned through experiencing BJJ from its first flickerings of life in the US, all the way to the present day.

SBG Fall Camp At SBG Seattle

This year’s fall camp is being held at SBG Seattle. The SBG Seattle gym has just completed renovations on it’s home that now boasts 5,800 square feet of top notch martial arts and fitness facilities. Not only that, but SBG Seattle plays a valuable role in the greater Seattle community – not only in its provision of first class adult and youth programs, via SBG Growing Gorillas, but also through charity events, food drives and its before and after school enrichment programs that support local kids and help them develop valuable life skills. Attending the SBG fall camp in Seattle provides a great chance to meet an SBG gym that is truly making a difference in its community.

SBG Coaches from Far and Wide

This year’s fall camp sees the return of the Singer brothers, who provided invaluable coaching at this spring’s camp in Portland. It will also play host to Chris Conolley, owner of Spartan Fitness in Birmingham, Alabama. Spartan Fitness is an SBG affiliate, that, like other SBG tribe members, seeks to provide coaching and programs for all, regardless of experience. Athletes range from top level MMA and BJJ competitors, to complete beginners, including kids and youth programs. He has been running his own gym for well over ten years, and is filled with knowledge of all things MMA and fitness.

There are only two weeks remaining until the SBG Fall Camp starts, on Friday 16th October. Sign up before it is too late! If you are on the west coast, this is your last chance in the near future to experience an SBG camp without having to travel far and wide. Don’t miss this opportunity! Register at