SBG-BJJ & what it’s ALL about

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John Kavangh recently shot a short video on what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training means to him, and why we do what we do. If you don’t know John, he was the second person in SBG to recieve his BJJ black belt from SBG founder Matt Thornton. He was the first person to ever recieve a black belt in BJJ in Ireland. He is a multiple medalist, coaches the most succesful Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ Academy in Ireland, and one of the most sought after coaches in all of Europe.

And like all the SBG coaches, he also pretty smart.

In this short clip he discusses the egalitarian nature of BJJ, the two qualities everyone needs to become proficient at BJJ, why you have to fail a lot to succeed, how the journey changes from white to black belt, what the refinement process entails, and finally the meditative state that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can require when it is done well.

As John says in the video, rather than teaching you how to avoid adversity, it teaches you how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. And that, is what it’s all about.

John Kavanagh, SBG-BJJ & what it’s ALL about.