This Saturday, Sept 29th, SBG in the UFC!

 You’ve heard the news, this Saturday Gunnar Nelson steps into the cage at the UFC!

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Gunnar Nelson makes his UFC debut this Saturday the 29th of Sept in the United Kingdom. Gunnar will be cornered by two SBG coaches, John Kavanagh and Karl Tanswell!

Both John and Karl are BJJ black belts under SBG founder, Portland Oregon’s Matt Thornton. Both men are also known as fantastic MMA coaches.

Check out this article:

And tune in tomorrow to support Gunnar and to see for yourself what world class, fundamental BJJ looks like in action. There hasn’t been Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu like this in MMA since Rickson Gracie himself fought.

Here is what Matt Thornton had to say:

“I have no doubt that Gunnar will be a champion of this sport, should that be where his heart takes him.”

– Team SBG