Rickson’s influence on Martial Arts in Portland Oregon, reaching new heights with SBG!

Martial Arts in Portland Oregon were never the same after Rickson Gracie introduced the amazing art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the founder of SBG International, and the Portland Academy, Matt Thornton.

To quote Matt:

“I watched Rickson wrestle a room of Judo black belts. He taped them all out within seconds, without using his hands, and I knew this is for me!”  

After that experience, the Martial Arts in Portland Oregon have never been the same.

This video offer a glimpse of Rickson’s philosophy and shows the influence it has had on Martial Arts in Portland:

If you want a better look at just how Rickson has effected the core of the philosophy of SBG, Portland’s oldest functional/practical Martial Arts school, and therefore Martial Arts in Portland Oregon in general, look no further than SBG’s very own Portland Academy.

Take a class, meet our students, coaches and athletes, and see for yourself why those that are looking for the best possible martial arts training in Portland, make SBG their home.

To learn more about SBG’s history click here:  More about Martial Arts in Portland Oregon 

Here is a quote from Rickson where he expresses his overall view of Martial Arts:

“Today, MMA has simply turned into a circus, extreme, violent, and sensationalist, which only attracts people who like barbarianism and all that blood…My philosophy is to bring to Jiu-Jitsu, for those interested in martial arts, a transparent philosophy, one where he can apply it to defend himself. One he can use to teach to his children, so that his son becomes a better person within society, whether he’s a doctor or a fighter with balance, with force, with dignity, and with respect. That’s my life’s motivation.”
– Rickson Gracie

That quote expresses perfectly our philosophy here at SBG. And this is what we bring daily in terms of martial arts in Portland Oregon.

If you haven’t checked us out before, and you are interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, self -defense, kickboxing, or simply recieving the best martial arts instruction possible, check us out at www.sbgi-pdx.com or our brand new site: Martial Arts in Portland Oregon

Taking Martial Arts in Portland Oregon to a whole new level!