Rick Davison

Over Fifteen Years Ago a Couple Of Brothers Graced SBGi With Their Presence,

The Davisons.

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Matt described the event as “These two dudes walked in, signed waivers, immediately took off their shirts, and then tried to beat me up.” After having the chance to try and beat up some students at SBG, the Davisons both decided to instantly enroll and start training under Matt. The two brothers have been with SBGi ever since. Travis now runs SBG Montana and Rick Davison runs the MMA comp team and assist in all competition training for SBG Athletes. You would be hard pressed to find a pair of brothers more caring or steadfast in their love for martial arts than the Davisons.


Martial Arts practitioners like the Davisons are hard to come by, few people will ever be as loyal to a friend or an organization as these two brothers have been.


Rick Davison had never done any martial arts before walking into SBGi. Now after fifteen years Rick and his brother Travis Davison are rising fast within the organization. Rick Davison earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Matt in 2010 at the SBGi Fall Camp in Reno Nevada. Camp Iron Man’s are known as being one of the most grueling test of passion skill and endurance that a martial arts practitioner can under go.

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Rick had trained twelve years before receiving his Black Belt from Matt. Over the years he competed in MMA and Jiu Jitsu collecting a litany of gold medals and belts. SBG Portland’s own Amanda Loewen describes him as “A Wizard”.

To most of the students at SBGi Portland, Rick is almost a legend. He is selective with his training and training partners. Students will regularly see him at open mats and comp team practices, but few will know exactly who he is. For those of us in the gym lucky enough to have trained with him, we know first hand the amount of skill this man has. The ability to work against well trained athletes, and people who greatly outweigh him for hours at a time, with out having to break a sweat! His skill is rarely matched and anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to train with him is missing out!

SBG however, has arranged a treat for all the Martial Arts students at the gym.

Rick Davison will be coaching an in house seminar August 31st. A Saturday afternoon full of wizardry. A entire workshop devote completely to sweeps.

Sweeps Are In Essence What Martial Arts Are All About!

Originally martial arts were developed to help give the weak the power to defend against the strong. Nothing really exemplifies that quite like a sweep. The ability to go from a clearly negative position to instantly being dominate with one simple technique.

If you have ever enjoyed the style of coaching you have seen from SBG then you DO NOT want to miss this!

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