Records Broken At SBG Portland Ironman

Records Broken At SBG Portland Ironman



11 New Blue Belts Announced Last Night

Three months ago, SBG Portland witnessed the promotion of more students than ever before, as nine members were elevated from white belt to blue. Last night, that record was broken again, as no fewer than eleven students had their names announced to participate in SBG’s traditional ironman belt promotion!

Those promoted students were Alden Davis, Grace Peters, Michelle Pan Zawadzki, Keith Zawadzki, Kyle Peterson, Todd Ransford, Erin Tharp, Katie Tomic, Brian Spaulding, Elizabeth Herber-Larson, and Ella Prevost. Congratulations to all eleven! All the new blue belts have shown remarkable dedication and effort to get to this point in their BJJ development, and it showed clearly in their ability to progress through the always challenging ironman tradition.

The sheer number of promoted students wasn’t the only record to be broken last night. The promotion of Ella Prevost means that she becomes the youngest ever BJJ blue belt in the history of the SBG Portland HQ! Ella has only been involved with SBG a short while, but since joining she has become completely immersed in the tribe, taking part in BJJ, MMA and competition team classes, fitness boot camps, and is an assistant coach for the kid’s classes at the SBG Portland. Congratulations Ella!

The ever-increasing number of students being successfully promoted, and the diversity of them (a near even split of women and men, and with decades between youngest and oldest), is testament to the inclusiveness of a sport like BJJ, when learnt in an environment as welcoming as the Straight Blast Gym tribe. The ironman itself represents the bond formed between teammates and the supporting role each tribe member plays in the development of one another. As such, whenever one takes place, it is a wonderful experience for all involved, bringing the tribe closer together each and every time.

Congratulations to Alden, Grace, Michelle, Keith, Kyle, Todd, Erin, Katie, Brian, Elizabeth and Ella for their phenomenal achievement! The whole tribe is extremely proud!