A Rare Opportunity and the Privilege of Training at SBG Portland

Portland Jiu Jitsu Students Get a Rare Privilege This June

For students of Jiu Jitsu one of the most daunting positions is the guard. Working to be offensive from a defensive position can be hard to wrap your mind around. Luckily for most of us in the current generation the road work was already laid out. Thanks to gentlemen like Royce Gracie showing how powerful you can be even when on your back against a bigger opponent.

Royce Proving the Guard

The road work was laid by the Gracie’s. They proved the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the Guard, a position almost completely unique to BJJ.  Now all we have to do is take one of the most complicated and overwhelming positions in grappling and make sense of it.  Most practitioners will agree that the guard has more variables then any other position in grappling (shy of just a scramble).

So how do you make sense of this position?  If you ask SBGi’s head coach Matt Thornton the answer will always be simplicity. Simplify the position and break it down to its core movements.  Cane Prevost who pioneered the PPP Posture, Pressure, Possibilities has certainly done this on a regular basis. As has Matt with concepts like the 3 points of contact, or the fundamental 5 of passing.  The goal being to simplify and pass on the knowledge. Cutting down on the time it takes to learn Jiu Jitsu allowing students to progress at a higher pace and hopefully to a higher level.

Mission Statement From Matt

Thanks so much, Rich Beaupit for this very cool framed quote! So far camp has been nothing short of amazing. Great people, great training. And Priit’s material lives up to the buzz. He has reinvented open guard. The curriculum for SBGi as a whole, has now changed.” -Matt Thornton

But the guard is still elusive and over whelming even with basic concepts like 3 points of contact.  No longer though. Priit has not only broken it down but he has found what he refers to as a Zero Point.  A finite point of the open guard to serve as a starting point. Not only to go back to but also an understanding of the position so that when someone does pass you understand WHY.

This is Huge, The Portland Jiu Jitsu Scene is about to be forever changed

As any jiu jitsu practitioner can tell you understanding why your guard was passed can be quite the task. It’s easy to find out how. After all it did just happen to you. You can even see it happen sometimes.  However understanding WHY that pass worked on you is a completely different subject. Dissecting the pass and understanding what allowed it to happen is a huge break through in the open guard. Priit has designed an entire curriculum to do just this.  Priit will be debuting his “Grilled Chicken” curriculum for himself this June. The weekend of the 6th will forever change the Portland Jiu Jitsu scene.  For those who attend they will have a deeper understanding of the open guard and will skyrocket their learning curve.  For those who don’t….. Good luck passing, I hope you’re well practiced.

PriitMihk Seminar FlyerPortland Jiu Jitsu Coach Matt Thornton Said it Best

Jiu-Jitsu is profound precisely because it cannot be faked. You cannot agree to disagree; you cannot create your own “reality”. You will tap or be tapped. You are within that context, not vice versa. And that lack of an exit door for the ego, that absence of an escape route for the excuse making mind, is exactly what makes Jiu-Jitsu the vehicle for potential learning and growth, that for the intelligent, it is.” -Matt Thornton

Anyone who attends this Portland Jiu Jitsu seminar will find out first hand. The rest will be the test subjects.