Priit Mihkelson Seminar This Weekend!

Priit Mihkelson Seminar This Weekend!

Priit Mihkelson

Only a few spots left for this two day seminar at SBGi PDX!

Straight Blast Gym’s very own Estonian ‘Jits Vulcan’ Priit Mihkelson returns to SBGi Portland this weekend for a two day seminar that will undoubtedly have all attendees leaving with a new found wealth of BJJ knowledge and understanding. For those that have been living under a rock, Priit Mihkelson is a BJJ black belt under SBGi’s founder Matt Thornton. He is from, and trains predominantly in, Estonia, where he is also Head Coach of Estonia’s largest MMA school, 3D Treening. Priit received his black belt in 2012, becoming the 9th student under Matt to receive the honor, after over ten years of BJJ training.

Priit is well known in SBGi circles for his scientifically driven style of BJJ teaching, and an approach that he likes to call ‘functional minimalism’ – essentially, doing as little as possible to accomplish a practical purpose. While such an idea can be applied to various fields, translated to BJJ, it means methodically trimming away the unnecessary and revealing the core postures and pressures that make BJJ most effective. It is this approach that means Priit’s seminar is essential for anyone interested in truly gaining a deeper understanding of BJJ, and that BJJ students of all levels will leave having learned a great deal about how to improve their own game.

04Priit Mihkelson’s ‘Functional Minimalism’

Priit Mihkelson’s approach of ‘functional minimalism’ has allowed for the development of, or perhaps uncovering of, concepts such as the ‘grilled chicken’ guard, and his unsweepable series of seminars – ideas that simplify positions to their core components, allowing all students to improve. Fellow SBGi black belt Cane Prevost said of one of Priit’s seminars:

“I’ve had the good fortune to have attended my share of BJJ seminars. More often than not I leave feeling more confused about BJJ than before the seminar. Most seminar hosts present a buffet style of techniques. Mostly a bunch of random stuff and flashy moves. By the end of the day your head is spinning. Priit does none of that. Instead of teaching a bunch of techniques he took a simple set of 3 basic movements and built a complete game around them. The upside is that anyone can learn the three movements quickly and putting them together the way Priit taught us is an immediate game changer… Beautifully delivered fundamentals that work for everybody!”

Priit’s seminar at SBGi Portland is this weekend, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May, from 10AM – 1PM on each day. It is filling up fast, with only a few spots left. Sign up with Zach Thornton by contact him at or drop-in to the gym. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from one of SBGi’s finest coaches!