Ray Price/John Frankl Seminar Next Month

Ray Price/John Frankl Seminar Next Month


Two Day Seminar At SBG Portland

In two weeks SBG’s HQ welcomes two of the organizations finest BJJ practitioners for a two day seminar in Portland, OR. On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February, BJJ black belts Ray Price and John Frankl will grace the mats of SBG Portland for a total of six hours of top-of-the-line coaching.

Saturday sees a three hour seminar taught by Ray Price. Ray became involved with Straight Blast Gym after a weekend seminar in 2002. Ray was given his blue belt from Matt Thornton in 2004 before opening a SBGi affiliated gym in Reno in 2006. He then went on to receive his purple belt from Matt Thornton in 2007. In 2011 Ray received his brown belt before finally being awarded his black belt on October 18th, 2014 as part of an epic SBG ironman alongside Amanda Diggins and Leah Taylor. Off the mat, Ray Prince is also a veteran of law enforcement, and a self-defense and firearms expert. He refers to his Jiu Jitsu game as SLOTTH Jits, Slow, Low, Offensive, Tight, Technical, and Heavy – an approach grounded in SBG’s BBJ fundamentals and that favors perfect technique over strength and speed. This will be Ray’s first seminar at SBG Portland as a black belt. Be sure to sign up now!

Sunday brings about the return of John Frankl from South Korea. John visited Portland last summer for a two day seminar that left all in attendance from white belts to black, with vastly improved knowledge of BJJ. Frankl has been associated with Matt Thornton and SBG for well over ten years, and has been training in BJJ since 1990. He received his blue belt from Rickson Gracie before training under Roberto Maia and receiving his black belt in 2002. He has been coaching students for decades, starting even before opening his own John Frankl BJJ academy back in 1999. He introduced the sport of BJJ to South Korea, where today he runs a number of academies across the country, while also teaching as a university professor. John Frankl possesses possibly the smoothest, most effortless jiu jitsu you are ever likely to encounter; a style that has allowed him to perform at the highest level for decades without injury. Everybody can learn from a BJJ practitioner of his caliber.

For access to both Saturday and Sunday seminars, contact Zach Thornton at straightblastgympdx@gmail.com or at (503) 230 9724.