Unless You’re Hindu

You only live once

(Unless you’re Hindu)

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SBGi has hit the ground running world wide!

With 2014 being one of the biggest years to date for the organization (Click here for details)  all of the gyms have started pushing to make 2014 even better! In Manchester Karl Tanswell head coach of SBG Mainline hours to awesome campaign.

to be awesome

Which was promptly “stolen” (soon to be “stolen” by pdx manager Zach Thornton) by John Kavanagh in Ireland. Who just opened his all new 10,000 sqft academy. The grand opening that started off featuring a Conor McGregor television appearance and featured an open house.

New Ireland Homebase

At the home base head coach Matt Thornton is preparing with his top athletes as they prepare for the IBJJF Pan-American Championship.  World wide SBGi Coaches, Students, Owners, Managers, and family members are making the best of their time, are you?



““Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

― Albert Einsteincloser to awesom