Portland’s Best Produces Oregon’s Best!

SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu Coach Tim Edman

WINNER of Best Of Oregon Purple Belt Division!

SBG again scores more bragging rights as the top school in Portland, thanks to coach and competitor Timothy Edman!  Saturday 8/10/13 Coach Edman had his final match for title of “Best Purple Belt in Oregon”.  All of the SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu team members had already been rallied by the good news from the Vegas Competition.

However the veritable sundae that is SBGi’s competition results could always use some more sprinkles.


SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu team member Tim brought home the title.

As if being titled Best Purple Belt in Oregon wasn’t enough Tim won the match scoring a total of FIFTEEN points against his opponents TWO.  It’s rare for higher level matches to be won so decisively.  Everyone at SBGi’s Portland Jiu Jitsu team is lucky to have a teammate like Tim.

Tim’s coaching profile says it best “Jits is best served chill”.

SBGi Portland Jiu Jitsu Coach Tim Edman

Words that Tim regularly rolls by in the gym.  He is a great training partner, anyone who has seen him roll with students at different levels can tell how well he can adjust his game.  Always allowing students to work no matter how green they may be.

Everyone in the Portland Jiu Jitsu community would count themselves lucky to work with Tim, and all of the SBG students should check out his classes!  If you need some lunch time Jiu Jitsu look Tim up!   Aside from blazing through competition he is a great coach.  He always commits more time to his students then asked.  You can also frequently see Tim staying late to answer questions or offer some extra rolls to anyone who asked.

SBGi Portland Jiu Jitsu team members like Tim Edman embody what SBGi’s Portland Jiu Jitsu team is all about.

Dedication and a love for the martial art.

Oh and Ladies Just Remember

Suns Out. Guns Out.

One Tribe. One Vibe.

By: Zach T.