Yoga 45 day FREE Trial in the Beaverton, Vancouver, Gresham and Greater Portland Area of Oregon…

Do you value your time, your body and mind?

Do you suffer from physical problems such as neck, shoulder, back, hip or knee pain? Are you looking for a low impact strength training?

Are you tired of taking mass Portland yoga classes where you are tossed from one pose to the next, without a chance to get properly into the pose, finding it uncomfortable and strained?


Or, perhaps you are sick of unfounded claims of enlightenment, nirvana or chakras being thrust in your face, when all you really want is to get a good full body workout in, perhaps even learn something real?

Real Yoga in Portland by real people


We have your solution at Primate Yoga Portland ~ Practical Practice!


Primate Yoga Portland is new and one of a kind Portland Yoga system, created to TEACH YOGA to the common primate.

We teach the structure of the Yoga Asanas from the bottom up using an Iyengar styled teaching method. Providing a foundation to build upon. Giving you valuable information on physical alignment and anatomy. How to do the poses properly and why it would be valuable for you to practice them.

At Primate Yoga Portland we have cut out any unnecessary hoopla, to focus on real life benefits.

Once you have a good foundational understanding, your options for a personal practice will expand drastically. We will teach you how to tie the Yoga Asanas into sequences, how to flow smoothly from one pose to the next, teach you how to use yoga therapeutically, how to use it to invigorate yourself and to relax.


We will teach you how to tailor your very own Practical Practice, for your body, mind and schedule.


Yes, we said schedule, once you know what we know, you will be able to practice at anytime, anywhere.


That is the beauty of yoga. It is the perfect antidote to life’s strain on the human body. You can pull from it whatever you need, at any moment in time, to suit your personal requirements.


Sore neck and shoulders? We will show you how to manage it, ease the pain, loosen up, and achieve full range of motion and good strong posture.

Primate Yoga Portland Class

Anxiety problems? We can teach you breath awareness meditation and help you create a peaceful state of mind. The more often you can reach that state of mind and stay there, the better you will feel.

You name it, at Primate Yoga Portland will give it our best to help you.

The Helping Hand

The Primate Yoga Portland system, Salome Thornton has created is a revolution for how Yoga in Portland is taught as well as around the world. Using a similar system we would use to teach any other valuable skill in life. Starting with the basics and then expanding your horizon to various different styles of practice to suit individual needs. Our students swear by our teaching methods. The benefits are obvious. The value undeniable.


Denis Das “It helps me maintain good posture in every day life”








“Primate Yoga Portland helps me with my flexibility for bjj and other sports,

it helps me maintain good posture in every day life,

and it can relieve some aches and pains.” 

-Denis Das


Anna“My body felt better; Stronger, more flexible, muscle endurance, and core strength”








“I started Primate Yoga when my daughter was 4 months old, my body took a long time to recover from a difficult pregnancy and c-section.

After I had been taking classes from Salome for two months, I could feel a lot of change in myself. Overall I was much more light hearted, my body felt better; Stronger, more flexible, muscle endurance, and core strength.

Salome’s Portland Yoga classes are lively and personal, she meets her students where they are at and works with them to increase their understanding and physical capacity. After having moved away, I could no longer take her Portland Yoga classes but I still feel the benefits of the progress that I made and the knowledge I gained”.

Anna Karlsdottir



“Challenging but still fun!”









“I like that Primate Yoga Portland promotes proper alignment that helps with all physical activities outside of Yoga.

After class I feel accomplished and I look forward to it. It pushes me to keep composed when challenged physically to my limits.

One of the best workouts I have has been in Salome’s Portland Yoga class; Complete with the sore muscles that I didn’t even know existed. Challenging but still fun! Everyone who comes to class is encouraging and hard working. I would highly recommend Primate Yoga Portland with Salome.”

  -Stefani Ziegler



The Primate Yoga Portland ~ Practical Practice system, is designed so that anyone can do it, everyone can succeed, no matter what level, age, gender or physical capacity. We start you at the foundation and help you work your way up the ladder of success, until you are ready to be set free as a bird, to explore your own body and mind through the wonderful journey that is Yoga. No woo woo, only real life benefits.

Have you ever had a moment, where you were completely still, your mind clear, you were aware of everything, yet no need to react to anything? Just observing what is, your own self, your thoughts, the challenges that arise just within your own mind. The little traps that it sets for you.


Have you ever wondered why no matter how much control you try to assert over yourself, it doesn’t seem to work. Pure willpower is not enough? Then randomly at another moment, you perform perfectly, but you didn’t try.


Strange, is it not?


The ancient Yoga scriptures make claims of being the path towards enlightenment. A lot of them greatly exaggerated, some of them true, to an extent. But then again they are pretty old, and we learn as we get new information, do we not?


At Primate Yoga Portland, we have let go of the goal of enlightenment, to focus instead on the present state of body and mind.


Learn how take a brake from the chaos we are surrounded by, try to cultivate an awareness for the vessel that carries your mind, your body and what it needs to be healthy.


Recognize who you really are by pushing yourself to your limits, safely.


Challenge yourself to be better today than you were yesterday. To realize that you are the master of your own experience. Ultimately, you are the only person to be held accountable for your life. Be who you want to be.


Life is short, be the best version of yourself. We will not let you give up, we will push you, there will be no excuses but a lot of compassion, but only when you sincerely need it. We will make you strong, stable and self sufficient.


We doubt you will need a massage when you have the tools to take care of yourself physically through a practical practice of Primate Yoga.


You think you are not flexible enough to do Primate Yoga Portland? Do you know how silly that sounds? It is the equivalent to saying you can’t take a driving lesson because you can’t drive. That is what learning something new is all about.


That is what makes Primate Yoga Portland different, you don’t need anything to be able to do it, expect the will to better yourself. We will TEACH you the rest.


We will not let you fail, we will help you, we will give you our all, if you fail, we failed. Your success, is our success. Your success means that what we at Primate YOGA Portland ~ Practical Practice love, gets passed on.


But, in return you must promise to give yourself, all that you have.


So, to lock you into this Portland Yoga journey. An awe inspiring journey of self discovery, a physical and mental discovery. We are going to make you an offer. If you come into our Portland Yoga program and after 6 months of consistent training, where you will be pushed, held accountable and nurtured, you do not feel it has positively affected your body, mind and life. If you do not feel like we have taught you anything of any value. We will refund you.


Hurry! DO NOT miss this chance to learn a new skill, learn something valuable, something useful, something that can become a part of your life and participate in revealing to you, who you are and what your primate physique needs.


Come be a part of our Portland Yoga tribe.


Sweat, Smile and Learn. Do something Practical. Be your own champion.


Primate Yoga Portland is the evolution of Yoga into the modern age, an age of reason and science. An age where simple questions have real answers.


Be strong, be stable, be serene, just BE.

Primate Yoga Portland ~ Practical Practice.