Day of Redemption

Day of Jiu Jitsu Redemption

The August 10,2012 IBJJF Las Vegas Open was highly anticipated by the Portland Jiu Jitsu team at SBGi.  Straight Blast had sent two of Portland’s top competitors to the Open with hopes of bringing home some Gold.

The day started out with a major upset.

portland boxing gymsJohn Diggins some how lost via a single advantage despite his double leg take downs that he wasn’t awarded points for.

Still for a a first year Black belt 2nd place at the Vegas Open was one hell of an achievement.  However this wasn’t the first let down for our competitors.

boxing gyms in portland oregonNo one on SBGi’s Portland Jiu Jitsu team was disappointed  by Amanda Loewens performance placing 3rd narrowly losing by a single advantage to the current IBJJF World Champion! No one Except Amanda Loewen (she looks happy on that podium).

No one is tougher on themselves than this competitor.  Amanda is never happy with any less then gold.  However for SBGi’s Portland Jiu Jitsu Team this was a WIN. Amanda had lost by only an advantage and to the current IBJJF world champ! All this from someone at their first year as a purple belt. To the rest of us this was extremely impressive.

Sbgi’s  Portland jiu jitsu Team Gets A Second Chance!

Thankfully both Diggins and Loewen had placed and as any competitor knows this gives them a chance for redemption in the Absolute division.

The Portland Jiu Jitsu Team Made Their Second Chance Count!

First one we heard from was the infamous Amanda Loewen and her performance.  She got her second chance against the IBJJF world champion and boy did she make it count!

boxing gym portland oregon

SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu Team Member Amanda Loewen Beats IBJJF WORLD CHAMPION

SBG talks a lot of game about being the best Academy for Jiu Jitsu in Portland but we seem to be focusing on a larger stage.  With Amanda Loewen beating the current world champ as the FIRST YEAR PURPLE BELT SBG is making waves!

The day wasn’t finished yet as SBGi’s Portland Jiu Jitsu team awaited news from Vegas to know how John Diggins did on his second chance.

boxing in portlandTHE NEWS WAS GOOD!

Coach and Competitor John Diggins finishing with Gold in the Absolute.  This wasn’t a surprise to the team members back in Portland.  John Diggins has a phenomenal Jiu Jitsu game, the ability to train in the gym using minimal attributes while at the same time being a prime athlete ready to put in all on the line in competition.  Everyone back home was excited to hear about the double redemption from the two competitors in Vegas.

Two Competitors and Two Absolute Gold Medalist!

mma portlandSBGi VP and Head Coach of SBG Montana, Travis Davison had this to say “Very satisfied! These two are great competitors and people. Viva SBG!”.

Two amazing people indeed.  To John and Amanda from all of us at home, Enjoy Vegas.  You Earned it!

 One Tribe. One Vibe.  Viva SBGi!

By:Zach T.