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Without a doubt one of the most miserable half guards to pass is the dreaded knee-in, or “Z Guard” version.

In this next bonus video I break down my favorite solution to passing this guard using the BJJ principle of pressure.

Not pressure as in muscle, but as in proper weight distribution and no space!

And although I’m a big grappler, the details in this pass are so fundamentally sound that we’ve had lighter players pass the guards of opponents twice their size during competitive rolling.

Most important, I talk about the single most important control point you MUST have from half guard top that you must know so you don’t get swept or subbed!

Even grapplers who are experienced with this position usually miss at least one of these critical points, and this can turn the game around overnight.

Make sure you check it out right now!

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-Matt Thornton
SBG Founder & Head Coach