Paddy Holohan Retires

Paddy Holohan Retires

Paddy Holohan

Paddy Holohan Announced His Retirement This Week

It is a sad week for SBG, and indeed, all MMA fans worldwide, as Tuesday saw SBG Ireland’s fan favorite Paddy Holohan reluctantly announce his retirement. At just 27 years old, Holohan’s announcement is premature to say the least, but it comes as a result of a rare blood disorder that leaves Holohan no longer able to pass medical exams. Paddy made the announcement on Facebook, in which he explained the reason for his retirement, explained his mixed emotions, and thanked his whole team and the entire Irish people for being behind him for the past nine years.

Holohan was scheduled to return to action with the UFC just next month, but was sadly removed from that card, and we are now left with the memories of Paddy’s earlier fights. Paddy Holohan put together an impressive MMA record of 12-2, going unbeaten prior to his arrival in the UFC. His UFC debut was the sort of moment that every fighter dreams of; opening the card of a UFC event in your hometown, walking out to the cheers of thousands of your fellow countrymen, and then comfortably winning your fight with a rear naked choke in the first round. It started one of the biggest nights in SBG history, as Paddy became the first of four SBG fighters to win on the same UFC card!

From that night, Paddy went 2-2 in the Octagon, losing to Chris Kelades in Canada, before beating Shane Howell in Boston, and then Vaughan Lee in Glasgow, Scotland. What would turn out to be Paddy’s final MMA bout was at none other than the UFC’s return to Dublin, a year on from Paddy’s UFC debut. After a turbulent build up to the event, in which multiple injuries meant the main event changed numerous times, Paddy Holohan ended up headlining the card against Louis Smolka. From debuting at the bottom of the UFC Dublin card to the main event a year later, Holohan’s short spell in the UFC was certainly entertaining. Sadly, Holohan couldn’t leave his last fight with a victory, losing by submission, but win or lose, Holohan was always a friendly and genial competitor. Interviewed after his last fight, he said:

“I never come out here and say I’m the best, I never said I was born gifted. But I tell you one thing: When I come out, I give you everything.”

As such, thank you, Paddy Holohan, for giving everything – the whole SBG tribe across the globe is hugely proud to be a member of your team, and grateful to you as a role model that SBG students everywhere can look up to.