Oregon Open Update

Portland Jiu Jitsu Update for The Oregon Open

SBG North West- SBG Montana, SBG Seattle and SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu Academies Took in a Total or 39 Competitors Earning Over 50 Medals!

SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu Coaches
SBG Montana’s Head Coach Travis Davison Coaching The Athletes At The 2013 Oregon Open



Check the math on that. That’s right more then a medal per person was won for SBG at the Oregon Open.  The tournament turned out quite well for SBGi.  In total SBG had about HALF the competitors of last year. On top of that most of the people missing where SBG’s highest ranked competitors.  Including one of the top Purple belts Gus Nolte who was in Ireland training for his pro mma debut.

SBG Montana's Gus Nolte
Gus Nolte One Of SBG Montana’s Purple Belts. Also One Of SBG North West Top Competitors.

  In fact the Portland Jiu Jitsu Team only brought one purple belt!  A purple belt so new that when he registered he placed himself at his current rank of Blue!  Despite all of this the competition went swimmingly.  SBGi Newest purple belt placed 2nd after only being at that rank for less then 3 weeks, and the newer competitors followed suit. In total OVER 90% of ALL the competitors from SBGi Montana, SBGi Seattle and SBGi Portland  earned a Medal!

Team Results From The Portland Jiu Jitsu Tournament- The Oregon Open

(All the Details Direct From Subleague HERE)  With only half the competitors of last year SBG North West wasn’t counting on taking First Place like in 2012(SBG taking first place by OVER 100 Points!).  On top of that The Oregon Open was the first competition for almost half of the students competing. Relying mainly on it’s newest competitors SBG would have been happy with any team placement.

Taylor Marrow
Here You See Taylor Marrow (Competing For The First Time) And Earning His Gold Medal.

SBG North West Takes Second at The Largest Portland Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Portland Jiu Jitsu trophyHedging all bets on some of the newest SBG Montana, Seattle, and Portland jiu jitsu competitors the team was still able to bring 2nd Place home! Although SBG wasn’t able to bring home first place two years in a row, the Portland Jiu Jitsu Academy was very happy with the results from all of the new competitors.  Despite SBG’s top athletes for the Montana and Portland Jiu jitsu teams being completely out of the equation SBG was still a force to be reckoned with.

It really goes to show you that anyone can be a competitor with the right coaching.  SBG has never had to ride on the success of just a few students.  The coaching methods and training speak for it’s self.  The ability to create skilled practitioners is what SBG is all about.  This goes beyond just the Portland Jiu Jitsu Scene and translates into all of the SBGi’s world wide.

In closing all is well and it’s great to be back on the mat, not to win, but to learn.  Special thanks to the Crew of SBG Seattle and SBG Montana for making the trip down for the Oregon Open.  Special Thanks to Travis Davison who came down to help coach and is currently in Sweden some how absorbing a magical growth particle that the Swedes have in the air.

Travis Davison Growing to Over 6'8 in a matter of hours!
Travis Davison Growing to Over 6’8 in a matter of hours!
SBG winning!
SBG Winning








SBG Kids Showing What It Takes To Win
SBG Montana Kids Showing Us What SBG is all about. .. Earning Golds and Enjoying The Ride!


SBGi's Kisa Davison Winning By Choke
SBGi’s Kisa Davison From SBG Montana Winning By Choke.








Keep an eye out for a new project in the works – A location for all of the SBGi competition results world wide.

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