A note from Coach Chris

krav maga vs bjj
Coach Stearns with SBG Montana Head Coach Travis Davison.

Portland Coach Chris Stearns recently won three matches in a row and took bronze in a very tough division at that the Pan Am games. Here is a note from Coach Chris:

“Could not have capped off this weekend any better. Awesome night of teaching and training at SBG. We have the greatest students, thank you everyone at SBG for the warm welcome home. Matt, thank you being my coach without you this wouldn’t be here. To give a quick recap of my Pan Ams. I placed 3rd out of 49 athletes in the male adult purple medium division. I had a bye my first match, won 3 and lost my semi final by 4 advantage points. No points (except for advantages in semis) were scored against me, though I was almost finished in my semi final match with a very close collar choke. To hit the podium at the Pan Ams is pretty much a dream come true, my goal of the tournament was to win a match or two. All my training partners and coaches at SBG Portland, you guys are the greatest. Special thanks to John, Amanda and Rick, for just being freaking awesome. I cannot thank Travis Davison enough. His coaching and wisdom helped me achieve this. Travis has been in my corner for every major tournament I’ve competed in I could not do this without him. I’m honored to call you my coach and friend. See you in a couple weeks! Back to work tommorow, with a black eye haha.”
We are proud of all our athletes who competed at the Pan Ams. Overall SBG took several golds, and even more medals.
-Team SBGi