New Blue Belts At SBG Portland

New Blue Belts At SBG Portland


Five New Blue Belts Go Through SBG Iron Man

Last week saw five of Straight Blast Gym Portland’s white belts put through their paces during the traditional SBG Iron Man belt promotion. The promoted five rolled with over forty people over the course of more than an hour, from white belts to black, before being presented with their brand new blue belts. This event saw Eduardo Torres, Alan Ransenberg, Brandon Morehouse, Taylor Marrow and Thomas Kirk promoted.

The SBG Iron Man is a long-standing tradition that has existed for over a decade. The event is announced prior to the day, encouraging any SBG members who are available to be in attendance. The attendees then sit around the gym in a large circle, according to rank, with beginner white belts on one end, and circling all the way around to blacks. The newly promoted students are then announced by, in Portland’s case, SBG founder, Matt Thornton, and they take their place in the middle of the circle. At that point, the event begins, and the promoted students proceed to roll with every other student in attendance.

The event, a move away from previous traditions such as belt whipping, is chosen because it is a chance to showcase the promoted students abilities, their ability to manage energy, and to perform in situations where the student is physically tired. More so than this, though, the event represents the fact that, for a student to progress and be promoted to a new belt, they must rely on the input of every single member of the gym. As the newly promoted student rolls with each and every other student, they begin to see all the familiar faces they have worked with over the previous months and years, and are reminded of how intertwined everybody’s development really is.

The iron man really is a great occasion to celebrate the achievements of the individual students, but also a great coming together that celebrates the growth of the whole tribe, at the same time. Congratulations to all the brand new blue belts!