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If you’re interested in Muay Thai kickboxing and you live in the Vancouver, Beaverton, and greater Greater Portland Area of Oregon, you will not regret reading this. Because not only will you see many of the benefits you’ll get by giving our Muay Thai program a try, you’ll get to try it absolutely FREE for 45 days!

As you read this page, you’ll see how SBGi Martial Arts & Fitness has been helping all kinds of people in the area get into the best shape of their lives using one of the most unique and fun martial arts in the world… the art of Muay Thai (also known as “Thai Boxing”).

“The Most Kick-Butt Striking System

On The Planet???”

That may seem like a bold statement, but in order see the effectiveness of Muay Thai striking in action, all you have to do is watch ANY mixed martial arts (MMA) competition anywhere in the world. Just about all of the world’s best fighters know at least some aspects of Muay Thai kickboxing.

On top of that, Muay Thai kickboxing is known by “in the know” martial artists and fighters for its phenomenal power, as well as for the awesome physical conditioning it develops.

But what a lot of people don’t know is…

“You Don’t Have To Be A Fighter To Enjoy

Muay Thai Training!”

Our program is proof positive that anyone can enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai training! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, big or small – everyone and ANYONE can experience the thrill of training real deal Muay Thai kickboxing. You don’t need a martial arts background and you don’t have to be in shape before getting started.

In fact, getting in shape is what we’re here to help you out with! So just come in, have fun and enjoy your training. No matter what level you start at, you will improve dramatically and see results even faster than you might expect.


Melissa MayfieldInitially I tried Muay Thai via a free trial at a gym in Beaverton a few years back, I remember the unwelcoming vibe and harsh glances from members at the gym. There were a large number of female athletes that trained at the gym, none of which seemed to be happy I was there. That Muay Thai gym made me weary about trying out other martial arts gyms. If the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly it makes you feel like less of an idiot while trying something you have never done before.With that being said, I started in SBG’s stand up program in October of 2012 in hopes of finding a fun new workout. I felt a part of the gym from the get go, even when I accidentally wandered into a Jiu Jitsu class on my first day instead of stand up, they gladly welcomed me to both. It wasn’t long after joining that I fell in love with the instructors, the students, and the gym itself.One thing I liked in particular is that the coaches would allow us to stay after class for a bit to work on some technique or just to hit the bag. The coaches were always good at monitoring their students intensity to make sure nobody got out of control, you’ll constantly hear the phrases “Breathe” and “Relax” throughout the gym . There is a variety of teachers both male and female ranging from Blue to Black belt, all of which I have learned a lot from.Along with Stand up, I now do Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, and the newly developed Women’s Boot camp classes. I love having the various options, because if you’re anything like me you get bored sticking to just one thing.

Review taken from yelp by-

-Melissa Mayfield



45-Day FREE Trial

Yes, you are reading that right! We know our program delivers great results, and we have real-life proof from students just like you who have achieved their personal, martial arts, and fitness goals through our Muay Thai training. But we’re sure you would agree that the best way to really see if our program will meet your needs is to come see for yourself for 45 days absolutely FREE?

So here’s the deal. We are going to give you 45 days to try us out for FREE! There are no strings attached, and there is no “catch.” How can we do this? Because we are hands down the leading martial arts and fitness academy in Southern Massachusetts, and we know that we can back up our claims! We are seriously that confident. And you have the peace of mind that, if after 45 days you don’t like our program, you can just walk away.

With your trial you will also receive a…

FREE Private Lesson ($100 Value)


FREE Fitness & Goal Assessment
($50 Value)


FREE T-Shirt ($25 Value)


FREE DVD ($25 Value)


And if that is not enough of an insanely good deal, you also get our

60 Day Iron-Clad




You’ll get to enjoy our Muay Thai program for 45 days FREE and, believe it or not, we also have an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee that will take all the risk away for you. That’s how confident we are in our program and what we can do for you!


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Chris Odell Owner of DatsusaraFor me it’s most important that I have fun and I enjoy coming in to train. I don’t like to force myself to go to the gym, I want to feel like I have a family of good people I’m going to visit so we can all learn from each other. SBG has that and they also have extremely good instruction in part due to their well thought out system. They don’t just jump into flashy and complicated moves.  They build up your game from a strong base and make sure that you understand exactly why and what you are doing. Most gyms do not do this which means the talented and athletic people move along while the rest of us drop out over time, but you won’t have that problem here.Everyone is just awesome here from the instructors to the students, they just seem to attract the right people. If I could train anywhere in the world full time it would be here without a doubt. If you want to learn and have fun with a diverse group of open minded people then this is the spot.-Chris Odell Owner of Datsusara
“What can training Muay Thai at

SBGi Do For Me?”


Here’s some of what you’ll learn, along with what you’ll get by training Muay Thai Kickboxing with us…. Develop fight-ending power in your punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

04You’ll be working out with a purpose (no more boring gym workouts or mind-numbing treadmill sessions).

04How to defend yourself and take control of an attacker from the “clinch” position (when you’re in really close quarters) or when someone grabs you

04Train under Southern Massachusetts’ highest-ranking Muay Thai instructor

04Muay Thai training improves focus and concentration and also increases eye/body coordination.

04Discover sport-specific Muay Thai exercises and drills you can do on your own so that you can get a great workout even if you can’t make it to class every day .

04Be surrounded by dedicated, committed students (being in a training environment like ours, with other committed athletes, provides a more positive environment that makes it even easier to learn quickly and efficiently).

04A method of self defense from your feet that’s been proven effective by fighters all over the world (it’s not “theoretical” mumbo-jumbo like many other martial arts teach).

04No experience required (anyone can enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai regardless of age, sex, size or experience level; you’ll get a ton of value out of our Thai Boxing program whether you’re a brand new beginner just trying it out or a seasoned veteran)

Your Name & Valid Email To Get Our FREE DVD, “A Beginner’s Guide TO Mastering Muay Thai Kickboxing”

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PLUS: Get our FREE Report, “Top 10 Critical Things You MUST Know Before Choosing A Martial Arts School”.

And our FREE Newsletter with Training Tips, Videos, Special Offers,
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04How to improve your focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination (no matter what your current level of fitness or athletic ability)

04Muay Thai is a fun and exciting training method that BURNS BODY FAT and gets you in incredible shape-
Train at your own pace (we will push you, but you won’t ever be forced to spar or compete unless you absolutely want to; we train everyone regardless of age, fitness level or experience.

04Whether you want to compete or not, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai kickboxing)

04 Learn techniques that can be used in almost any self-defense situation (Muay Thai kickboxing is very “real-life” applicable)

04Muay Thai training develops mental toughness and physical strength

04Not only is Muay Thai one of the most effective fighting styles, it’s an effective stress reliever (our happily-involved students love being able to come to class and let off some steam in a positive way)

04Stay motivated to train (We have high energy classes that are fun and exciting. You’ll be constantly learning new things.)

04Discover the science and mechanics of proper striking (kicking, punching, footwork, head movement, offense and defense)
04You’ll develop cardio along with power (yes, with Muay Thai training, you’ll be able to increase your cardio and get stronger at the same time)

04Train in a positive atmosphere (in our Muay Thai classes, you’ll be able to get a great workout, learn the world’s most effective striking techniques all while having fun)
And more…


You’ll get to train in our 5,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility (one of the largest and most professional facilities in Oregon) complete with:

check18Professionally trained staff


check18Full size cage


check18Full array of Muay Thai and bags and training pads


check18Functional strength and conditioning equipment and classes


check18Locker rooms and students lounge


check18Fully equipped pro shop



Want more proof? Check out what world-renowned Muay Thai and MMA striking coach, Stephen Whittier has to say about SBGi and Chief Instructor, Matt Thornton:

Stephen Whittier“When I first saw Matt Thornton’s vhs set many years ago I felt like he was talking directly to me. The approach and the training methods, it was almost like a personal conversation validating everything we where doing in the martial arts at the time.The first thing I did when I started my own program was invite him for a seminar. This is the place to train. Not only is Portland the SBGi head quarters, but you get to train directly with Matt and the coaches that have come up directly underneath him.In terms of an approach that will be able to suit you in regardless of your goals, the know how, the professionalism, and just pure quality, that’s really what it’s about.It’s just a no brainier SBG Portland is where you want to be.”BJJ Black Belt, and Kru-Stephen WhittierDirector, Nexus Martial Arts

It’s just a no brainier SBG Portland is where you want to be.”


BJJ Black Belt, and Kru -Stephen Whittier

Director, Nexus Martial Arts


Quality Muay Thai Kickboxing Training

Is Hard To Find!

A big problem many people who want to start training Muay Thai have is that they can’t find a quality school to train at. There are just not many good schools out there that are qualified to train people in the art of Muay Thai kickboxing. Sure, a lot of schools “say” they’re good, but the reality is that good, quality Muay Thai schools are hard to find. That’s the bad news… the GOOD news is that you live close by to the top Muay Thai school in your area. And, for a limited time, we’re offering a 45-Day Free Trial Program so you can see if our proven Muay Thai training system meets your needs.

45-Day FREE Trial! Call Us NOW


Once you call our academy at 503-230-7924and schedule a time that’s good for you to come see us, we’ll give you a tour of our academy, you’ll get a free t-shirt just for stopping by, you’ll get a free private introductory lesson and you’ll also get a free one-on-one consultation with one of our highly-trained program counselors so we can figure out if we can meet your needs.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll love our program just as much as our current happily-involved students. So confident, in fact, we are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you participate in our Muay Thai classes for 60 days and decide that our program is not what you wanted, just tell us and we’ll immediately refund your money (but we highly doubt you’ll do that). That’s how confident we are in the value that you’ll get by being a part of our Muay Thai program.

“If you’re thinking about giving our

Muay Thai Kickboxing program a

try, then this will be the smartest

decision you can make for yourself!”

And here’s even more PROOF:

Brian HeenanThe Straight Blast Gym International head quarters in Portland Oregon has quickly become than just a gym. Over the past 6 months I have had more fun than I have in the past decade. I have learned more about myself and my capabilities than ever before in my life. The quality of the coaches and training is top notch, so much so, that I have aspirations of taking their coaching program in the future. Everyone from the newest member to our head instructor Matt Thornton has been friendly and helpful. I can promise you SBGi has turned out to be more than just a gym for me, and it could easily be much more for you. See you on there-Brian Heenan


Justin Abbott“SBG really is a great organization. I have been training there for a little less than 4 years and it has completely changed my life. The coaching and training at the gym is top notch, and it is just a great group of people. If you are thinking about training in the Portland area you owe it to yourself to check out SBG.-Justin Abbott


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Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least give
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Give us a call NOW to start our amazing 45-Day Free Trial Program so you can experience the thrill of Muay Thai Kickboxing with us!

It’s easy to get started right away. Just give us a call (even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning)

“Yes! I want to give your Muay Thai program a try for 45 days FREE!”


Here’s exactly what to do:

Call our academy at 503-230-7924 to schedule your free tour, free consultation and free private introductory lesson.

That’s it! (Simple, right?)

Once you come see us, we have no doubt you’ll be blown away with what we can do for you. In fact, we’re so confident in our program that we’re willing to let you try our program for 45 days free. On top of that, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee; that means that if you give us a fair shot for 60 days and you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money on the spot (but we highly doubt you will). You simply won’t find another academy in your area that can match that offer.


Mathew Thornton

Muay Thai & MMA Trainer
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
SBGi Master Instructor

P.S. Remember, as part of your free trial we even give you a free lesson, t-shirt, and DVD as a “thank you” for visiting us. You have absolutely no obligation to join when you come in. All we’re asking is for you to give us a fair shot at proving exactly what we can do for you – that’s why we let you give our program a try for a full 45 days absolutely FREE – but you must call NOW because who knows how long this promotion will last.

We GUARANTEE you’ll absolutely LOVE it (that’s why we have our iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee)!

P.P.S. If you have any questions, schedule your initial consultation and when we meet we can sit down and go over all of them in detail. Just give us a call at 503-230-7924 to schedule your lesson and we will you soon!