SBG And Mixed Martial Arts Before The UFC

Matt with Jiu Jitsu Legend Rickson Gracie

Straight Blast Gym was founded 1992 by Matt Thornton. SBG is the original home for Mixed Martial Arts in Portland. SBG has been doing MMA before the UFC even launched and has become a catalyst for mixed martial arts in the north west, producing some of the top fighters in the world.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.  Let’s Hear What MMA Legend Randy Couture Has To Say About SBG.

The training at Straight Blast Gym has been instrumental in my preparation for reality fighting in the UFC. Matt’s expertise in stand-up and ground fighting techniques have helped me win the Ultimate Fighting Championships.”

~ Randy Couture (UFC Legend!)

Over the past twenty years SBG has grown from a small studio in Portland to a world wide phenomenon. Straight blast gyms from all over the states and around the world are putting out great athletes. A few of them you may recognize if you’re an MMA fan.


You wont find more experienced coaches anywhere in the Portland area.  When it comes to mixed martial arts being in Portland grants you the amazing opportunity to train with the founders of not only MMA in Portland but the founder of SBGi.  Although our coaching staff is highly qualified and SBG is able to produce top level athletes. However-

Competition Is Not Our Goal
Although SBG does produce great athletes the focus has always been simpler then that. Matt’s goal has always been to give people from all walks of life the benefits of MMA training. The skills are great for all sorts of goals.

checkmarkWeight Loss- Unlike a normal “gym” or diet plan the training at SBG provides something different, fun. Having fun is a key aspect of breaking down physical and mental barriers. When your focused on what you’re learning or doing in your MMA classes the exercise becomes something that you tend to forget about. Rather then exercise being the focus which can become boring or frustrating. In short all you have to do is come in and have fun!

checkmarkCamaraderie- One Tribe. One Vibe. Is an old moto of SBGi. It has been around for years and for good reason. The people at SBG aren’t just strange faces that you see from time to time like you would at a gym. The people at SBG become your training partners. All there to help each other learn and progress.  Through the hard work and accomplishments people that train together often become friends and some times friends for life.

checkmarkSelf Defense- Although MMA is now a sport the reason the fighters use specific techniques and styles is simple.  It works.  Think about it. If it is good enough to work against some one who has dedicated their life to the art of fighting how well do you think it will work against the average person. Not only will everything that you learn at SBG be functional for real world self defense, you will know first hand what it’s like to apply it.  With the coaching at SBG we have a strong focus on making training as realistic as possible all while preserving the safety of our students.

checkmarkFitness- Weight loss is great and all but what about the other aspects?  Mixed Martial Arts training can be very demanding. That’s why SBG has the classes broken down into several different levels of experience and fitness. No matter how fit someone is there will always be a challenging training session waiting for them.

checkmarkFlexibility- The different arts like Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, and so on all demand different sets of attributes including flexibility. The training at SBG will not only help you become strong, it will help you become supple as well. Movement is key and your flexibility will constantly be improving as you learn each of the new movements.

checkmarkStrength-Strong, everyone wants to be strong. Not everyone wants to be bulky or be unable to move. The training you’ll do at SBG is built for function. Lean strong muscles not bulky do nothing muscles from doing to many bicep curls.  Your entire body will be build up.

checkmarkDiscipline- Training is demanding. The goals and time frames can be demanding as well depending on what you plan to do.  SBG has worked tirelessly to make sure we have a set plan an curriculum for each student though. Allowing you to come into SBG with little to no experience and set small attainable goals on a continual basis. Discipline is not only a habit, but a skill.

You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It

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