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Head Coach Of SBG’s MMA in Portland Matt Thornton Interviewed on Severe MMA Portland

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Over the past twenty one years SBG has had a massive impact on MMA in Portland, and over the last seventeen years SBG has been spreading world wide.  Matt’s high standards for the coaches that carry the name of SBGi have insured that all of the SBG’s have the ability to produce world class athletes.

The most recent being Conor McGregor.  His performances in the Conor McGregor vs Max HollowayUFC has created a massive wave of media coverage. This coverage coupled with his fighting prowess and charisma catapulted him to being the second most searched fighter in the world.  Interviews, pod cast, hanging out with the CEO of UFC Dana White in Vegas.  Despite all of the fame and the money that’s involved he still proudly represents his gym and his coach John Kavanagh.  The loyalty in the organization is unparallelled.  Severe MMA was intrigued by this and after talking to John Kavanagh they contacted Matt for a interview.

You can listen to Matt’s interview (Here)

Interview takes place from 58:00 to 1:25:00

Matt Thornton The Original Coach Of MMA in Portland

Matt Thornton with SBG Athlete and IBJJF World Champion

John Kavanagh  told Severe MMA about his ties to SBG head Coach Matt Thornton.  Explaining how he came across MMA and the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In John’s interview he was asked about his nick name “The Godfather of Irish MMA”, he laughingly remarked “If I’m the godfather then Matt is the Grand Daddy”.

Over the past twenty one years Matt Thornton has gone from a small gym teaching MMA in Portland to now being called the “Grand Daddy of Irish MMA”.  In Matt’s interview he goes into detail about how he came across Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how he started to develop MMA in Portland.

Why Matt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are Responsible for MMA in Portland

During the interview we get to hear about why Matt started teaching MMA in Portland.  How he put together the different arts that comprise MMA, and his first interactions with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For future students of MMA in Portland this interview is something that you must listen to.  Matt goes into the thought process and training habits of the most successful students and athletes of SBGi.  This is extremely valuable as it can help cut YEARS of off the learning process.

He touches on some of the aspects that set Conor’s Coach, John Kavanagh apart from the other coaches in Europe.

Conor_McGregor_and_sbgcoach_John_KavanaghHe goes into detail explaining the (often most over looked) intellectual part of the training process.  Most people looking to learn MMA in Portland or anywhere else in the world are often confused on how training works.  This is compounded by the fact that not all coaches take the same approach.  It may seem okay to the untrained eye, a punch is a punch and a arm bar is an arm bar. It may seem like you will learn the same things no matter where you go.  You unfortunately couldn’t be any further from the truth. During the interview Matt covers some details concerning the different approaches to learning MMA, and how they can effect the athlete.  Anyone looking to learn mma, bjj, or any other martial art should pay close attention to this interview.

mma in portland. SBG coach readying for classA short glance at a SBG coach in the photo should be a dead give away.  You don’t see some over built meat head ready to draw blood. You see a dedicated talented individual checking his notes and preparing for a class based around solid fundamentals.  You see a white board covered in text going into coaching details and curriculum and students working on the content. When you think about MMA in Portland try to approach it with an open mind.  The stigma of MMA being a brutal sport built for brawlers couldn’t be further from the truth.