Martial Arts

Martial Arts

How Just Two Hours A Week Can Change Your Life

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The One Solution to a Multitude of Problems

The Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts is a great avenue for all sorts of different needs. Bellow you can read through just a few of the benefits that the training at Straight Blast Gym can provide. We understand that you have probably heard a lot of these claims before for all sorts of programs including other martial arts centers, so we will also provide a full explanation of HOW we provide all of these in our programs. Plus a few testimonials from real students at SBGi, and for those of you who are still skeptical we will even give you a chance to try it your self for FREE. That’s right we are so confident that we can provide you with everything we list here and more that we will let you train at SBG Portland with no commitment absolutely free for 45 Days.

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Get in Shape- Any routine that is physically demanding will get you into shape. We know that martial arts is very demanding but what makes doing martial arts different from any other form of exercise? Learning and FUN, more then anything else when you begin to exercise you need to be engaged. Being engaged makes it much easier to stay consistent and as anyone who is involved with fitness will tell you Consistency is KEY. By changing the focus from “exercise” to learning a new skill.


Build  Confidence- Training in martial arts is well known for building confidence. What makes SBG special is the I-Method and a little known secret we call Progressive Resistance. The I-method is tied directly to Matt Thornton’s idea of Aliveness and is a teaching method all of the coaches in SBG use on a daily basis to help speed up the learning process. This patented method wont be covered here however we will go over Progressive Resistance (P.R).  P.R is a learning method that we use in order to both gain success and deal with a partner who is resisting. It starts off with your partner allowing some success and steadily increasing the level of resistance so that you can develop the ability to work under pressure and understand the timing involved in the technique. This not only teaches you the technique but allows you the opportunity to execute it against a resisting opponent just like in a real situation. Nothing builds more confidence then actually KNOWING what you are capable of.


Relieve Stress- Martial arts is a fantastic outlet. Not only is training physically demanding but it puts you in a situation where you can confront discomfort and have a safe outlet for managing aggression. Very rarely will you meet an active practitioner who is anything but cool and calm.

Reasons to train

Lose Weight- Have you tried to lose weight but haven’t had success? It’s probably not your fault. Very few diet or exercise solutions can be described as fun. Why do something that seems like a chore when you could simply enjoy your self. By having a welcoming learning environment where you work on physical technique your exercise changes from being something you try to avoid into something you enjoy and look forward to. Everyday students from SBG go home and post on their facebook accounts about how much fun they had. Having fun and having something new to look forward to each time at SBG makes working out easy.

SBGi Athletes Jeff Perez and Gunnar Nelson
SBGi Athletes Jeff Perez and Gunnar Nelson

Enter a Tribe- Straight Blast has been in Portland for over twenty three years now. Over that time a tight net group of martial artist, athletes, coaches, and competitors has evolved into what is now the tribe of SBG Portland. This group is almost like a family and just like families some can be more welcoming then others. What separates SBG Portland is the “vibe”. The culture is centered around not having an ego and creating a safe place for people to put themselves in vulnerable positions so that they can learn and grow. As you may have noticed SBG has a theme running through it that allows students at SBG to change their lives in ways that other programs couldn’t. The process of of having fun and growing with other people in the combat arts is truly unique. This combined with the focus on learning with out the threat of ego is what separates SBG from the rest.

SBGi Brazilian jiu jitsu Portland

Martial Arts at SBG Portland

Straight Blast has a wide variety of programs to pick from. As of right now there are close to about seventy classes a week held at the academy. Do you know what you want? Have you researched martial arts and then came to the conclusion to look at SBG? Either way we are here to help. For those who have done research please feel free to go through some of our Art specific pages if you’d like. Either way we are here to help. We offer a free lesson for you to make a well educated decision a free orientation. The orientation at SBG will allow you to experience the different arts for your self and decide for your self what would be  the best fit. At the orientation you will get a full tour of the academy, a personalized interview to into the details of what your needs are so that we can find out how we can best help you, a free private lesson so you can experience the arts your self and a custom schedule hand picked from our selection of over seventy a week that fits your needs. All of which is FREE so what have you got to lose?

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